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Desperate times?

December 4, 2018

49ers long snapper Kyle Nelson suspended 10 games for PEDs.
Shocking – You need PED’s to be a long snapper? And you need PED’s to play for this year’s 49ers?

Now there’s a THIRD incident involving Kareem Hunt, this January at a Kansas City nightclub where he allegedly threw a punch.
Guessing now the Cowboys, Redskins and Patriots won’t rush to claim him, as doesn’t look like Hunt will be eligible this postseason.

Urban Meyer will retire after the Rose Bowl. He wants to spend more time turning a blind eye to his family?

Urban Meyer indicated his suspension contributed to his decision to retire and when asked “do you think that will have any impact on your coaching legacy as you walk away?”
“I’m sure it will. That was a disappointing time, obviously.”
Not as disappointing a time as it was for Zach Smith’s wife.

Redskins’ coach Jay Gruden says the team will probably not sign Colin Kaepernick at this point “It’s been discussed for sure.  It’s just going to be a matter of which way you want to go.”

And at this point Washington wants to go in the direction of a better draft pick?

Now the USDA is recalling more than 12 million pounds of ground beef, after 250 people in 26 states have apparently fallen ill with salmonella.
But okay, Trumpsters, it’s only science. Buy the ground beef and “own the libs”

Apparently Donald Trump will paid a visit to the Bush family Tuesday in D.C. Haven’t they suffered enough this week?


How long until other countries start sending election observers to North Carolina?


So it’s late in 2018, but will the word of the year end up being “redacted”?


Here’s a bizarre fact for the night – had RFK lived, he’d have just turned 93 a couple weeks ago, Bobby was 18 months younger than George H.W. Bush.

Waiting for Donald Trump to say that Michael Flynn was just the covfefe National Security Advisor.


For those wanting special counsel to hurry up, remember how much Trump wants to make this go away -. IMHO Mueller has one shot and to paraphrase Macbeth -he needs to kill the snake, not “scotch” it.

Being Presidential

December 4, 2018

Red Sox say they have accepted invitation to visit the White House. Of course, assume they reserve the right to cancel in what they deem exceptional circumstances…  like if it rains.


Not a big fan of Colin Kaepernick as a player. Still your reminder that Mark Sanchez has a 2018 PED suspension an arrest for sexual assault and he still played today. But Sanchez never knelt for the anthem.

LA Chargers QB Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany are expecting their ninth child. Is that some sort of marriage record for completed passes?



Eric Trump attacked George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, for “the utter disrespect he shows towards” her. So Conway should do what Eric’s brother and father do and show respect to his wife by taking mistresses?

As Dan Quayle resurfaces briefly into the news as George H.W’s VP, do love remembering the story when Quayle was accused of having an affair with a lobbyist while he was purportedly golfing.
And his wife Marilyn responded “Anyone who knows him, knows Dan would rather play golf than have sex any day.”’

Remember when bar was so low for George W. Bush that if he didn’t fall off stage during debate it was considered a win. Now for Donald Trump, the funeral for George H. W. Bush will be considered a win if he doesn’t say or tweet something completely awful.

Give the devil his due – this line from Ted Cruz at Gridiron Dinner “I’m a humbler man as I head into my second term. Lindsey Graham told me just the other day that if I was murdered on the Senate Floor, still no one would vote to convict the assailant, but at least Jeff Flake would tweet that he felt bad about it”

Seriously, Trump can take credit for something: As George H.W. Bush is buried this week, millions of Americans are thinking how much they preferred him as President by comparison.

As much as John McCain wanted to be President, like to think that he would take some consolation in fact that as a Senator, he didn’t have to invite Donald Trump to his funeral.

All living ex-Presidents will attend George H. W. Bush funeral. Including Dick Cheney?