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Some people do go both ways…

December 7, 2018

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wants to do something next year to limit shifts. Uh, here’s a solution – teach players to bunt



SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said UCF should look “inward” to address strength-of-schedule issues if the Knights want to be in the playoffs. Right, as Alabama next year plays those powerhouses New Mexico State and Western Carolina.

But seriously, which SEC team wants to follow Stanford’s lead  and actually schedule a game with UCF?


Woman who Reuben Foster allegedly hit before his most recent arrest says the SF 49ers intervened with police to undermine her. So when is this “winning with class” going to start.


No injuries when plane skids off runway in heavy rain at Burbank Airport. Fortunately it was Southwest; other airlines might have charged an “excitement fee.”

TJ Cox has just been declared winner in California’s 21th congressional district in the San Joaquin Valley,which includes areas of Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, and Tulare County.
It’s the Democrats’ 40th pickup….and proof of a Blue Wave even in inland places that don’t HAVE waves.


Who knew trade could be so complicated?

When your whole political strategy is to have as few people vote as possible, you might not be the party of the people.

Bomb threat to CNN about 30 minutes after Donald Trump tweeted they were “Fake News” and “enemy of the people”. Just guessing Trump will be less upset about the threat than the fact a bomb didn’t detonate.


Trump also tweeting tonight about “Boarder security?” WTF?   Is he planning on regulating Airbnb?

Hoping this next winter storm is less bad than expected. But since it’s supposed to hit southern Red States guessing Trump won’t be tweeting blame for any casualties or damages.
Conservative media and others say that Hillary Clinton’s ignoring Donald Trump during Bush Funeral was “cold,” “bitter” and “nasty.”
Would it have been better if she smiled and said “Lock You Up?



From Marc Ragovin  “Wisconsin GOP has just stripped Mike McCarthy’s successor of any coaching power”