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Any given Christmas Eve Eve?

December 24, 2018

Thinking a lot of folks might be forgiven for wondering why Nick Files isn’t Eagles starting QB?

6-8 Broncos vs 3-11 Raiders on Monday Night Football this week. So many NFL fans are getting their Christmas turkey earlier.


Wizards and Suns combined for 295 in Triple OT NBA game. Curiously enough 295 is approximate over-under if  Chiefs and Saints end up in the Super Bowl.

So did the Washington Redskins decide to show solidarity with government workers Saturday by shutting themselves down in the 4th quarter?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted that he had called leaders of US largest banks to confirm they had liquidity to keep offering credit. Thereby trying to reassure Americans who weren’t worried until he tweeted?



Here’s a compromise for Donald Trump – whatever we decide to spend on his wall or slats or whatever, Democrats get an equal amount to put into whatever social problem they want that he’s cut.

So wait, this morning we aren’t talking about “artistic steel slats” and are back talking about “a good old-fashioned wall.” This is SO confusing.


If we had a President he would be at least sending “thoughts and prayers” to Indonesia.

Same POTUS who said he’d run unarmed into a school to face an armed killer was afraid to fire his Secretary of Defense in person or even by phone.

Just thinking, anyone who REALLY cared about safety in this country might make sure TSA agents got paid during a shutdown.

So if Mexico is paying for the wall will they cover paychecks of furloughed government workers too?

Trump is staying at the White House over Christmas.  Is it really because of the government shutdown. Or is it just possible Donald doesn’t want to face his rich friends after tanking the stock market?

Wonder if since he’s stuck in DC, if Trump will issue an executive order demanding McDonald’s stay open on Christmas.