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December 16, 2018

As bowl season got started Saturday, suppose in a time of constant change, it’s somehow comforting to know that ASU is keeping last year’s Pac12 Bowl reputation alive.

So maybe tonight’s second half collapse by San Antonio Spurs against the Chicago Bulls was just the team’s way of suggesting to Gregg Popovich he retire and run for President.

Boston Red Sox, MLB’s top spenders, owe $11,951,091 in luxury tax. But in support of their fans, perhaps team will offer beer and hot dogs on a deferred payment plan.

Great cold open “It’s a Wonderful Trump” on Saturday Night Live. And much funnier than more accurate remake where Clarence would have just pushed Trump off that bridge.

To the gray-haired guy in the nice convertible I spent 10 minutes driving behind today: It kind of ruins the youthful muscle car effect to drive with your blinker on.

Your reminder that Reed O’Connor, the Federal Judge who is trying to overturn Obamacare, has great Healthcare benefits he can keep after retirement.


As we fret about who might be presidential candidate in 2020, a reminder that in late 2006, Barack Obama was the choice of a whopping 17% of Democrats.

Have seen some wondering, with all the purges in Trump White House how is Betsy DeVos still in the Cabinet? Well, we all know Donald Trump is threatened by smart women….