Getting late earlier?

ESPN announced they are moving Sunday Night baseball up an hour to 7pm. What a disappointment for all those Yankee and Red Sox fans who love East Coast midnight baseball.

Now it’s Stephen Curry who says the moon landing was faked?   Is it time to start checking NBA players regularly for concussions?

Monday night’s Seahawks uniforms gave gave me 1970s Spencer’s Gift black light poster  flashbacks…spencers

Meanwhile the Vikings offense gave me World Cup flashbacks.

But so  after watching Vikings get shut out until a meaningless late 4th quarter score thinking maybe all of the Redskins’ problems this year AREN’T the result of letting Kirk Cousins go…

The finalist list for Time “Person of the Year” is out. Think the explosion from  “Individual #1”  would register on the Richter scale if it’s Robert Mueller.

Smocking gun? Methinks Mueller has a smocking arsenal.


Former NRA operative and alleged Russian spy Maria Butina has apparently negotiated a plea deal. December is becoming an advent calendar of little gifts. Can’t wait to see what’s behind tomorrow’s window.

Remember watching those old black-and-white movies featuring the “Keystone Cops?” Seems like it’s about time to dub Trump administration ‘The Keystone Criminals.”

Today’s effort from Lara Trump and her Trump fundraising email team-“Now we’re getting ready to embark on the second chapter of the world’s greatest political movement in history.” Uh, more like Chapter 11.


Whether you are mildly worried or terrified about climate change, one thing stands out – in opposing a UN climate report this week, the US joined with only Kuwait, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

Maybe if she dyes her hair blonde to fit in better with women in his administration Donald Trump would consider Sarah Palin for Chief of Staff?

How long until Donald Trump asks for an H-1B visa to hire a Chief of Staff because he can’t find any Americans to take the job?

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2 Comments on “Getting late earlier?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Was that reality tv from the WH today starring Mike Pence as The Apprentice or as Bernie Lomax?

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