Lateral moves

Dolphins upset Patriots 34-33 on last play of game with a hook-and-ladder TD play featuring two laterals. And they did it without the New England band on the field.


Am a pretty hard core Saints fan, but having a one-night fling with da Bears.  #BeatLA


Rams tonight looked an awful lot like the Saints looked like last week.

What, does NOBODY want NFL #1 draft pick this year?
Yes, talking to you 49ers, Raiders, Jets….


Colin Kaepernick reportedly would consider a tryout with the Washington Redskins. So the former Super Bowl QB is willing to compromise on his stated desire to play for an NFL team?.

If the NFL only had a “Utility player of the year” award. Per ESPN, Taysom Hill of the Saints has now in 2018 …
– Completed passes
– Run for a TD
– Caught a pass
– Returned kicks
– Recorded tackles on special teams
– Blocked a punt

West Virginia QB Will Grier, NCAA’s active leader in career passing yds per game (305) and probable 1st-2nd round pick, is forgoing Mountaineers bowl game to prepare for draft. What, and give up every little boy’s dream of playing in the Camping World Bowl?

A lawsuit in California seeks to stop Blue Diamond from selling “almond milk” and instead require them to sell it as “almond imitation milk.”
Just thinking, if you’re too dumb to know you don’t actually milk almonds, you are probably too dumb to read the label.

So heck, if a “Fox and Friends” anchor who spent time traveling the world is a good UN Ambassador under Trump, assume it’s fine if next Democratic president chooses Rachel Maddow?

So who are they telling Donald Trump that Individual #1 is?

Trump flipped the coin before Saturday’s Army Navy game. And assume he pocketed it afterwards?

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, 91, a prominent Russian human rights activist and critic of Vladimir Putin, has died. Shocking. A Putin critic lived to be 91?

Trump has rolled back regulations championed by Michelle Obama to make U.S. school lunches healthier. Well, at least when all these kids grow up with diabetes and other health issues they’ll be able to get good insurance.
Oops, never mind.

Nick Ayers, rumored to be Trump’s next chief-of-staff, and a favorite of Jared and Ivanka’s, has pulled himself out of contention for the role and will return to Georgia at the end of year, citing his young family with 6-year-old triplets.
Whatever else the kids do for their dad growing up, they sure helped him dodge a BIG bullet.

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