If elected they might not serve.

Seriously does anyone other than the players involved care who gets selected for the Pro Bowl?


New Orleans Saints need one more victory to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  And the Panthers, who they play for the final game of the season,  have just shut down Cam Newton.

Though my son points out that Carolina’s best passer on Monday night was actually Christian McCaffrey.

Whew, Ohio, was trending tonight. But it’s not a mass shooting or disaster, but just for a football bowl game. Okay, be honest folks, who knew Ohio University HAD a football team?

Maybe one way to get more interest in these meaningless bowl games is that winners get guaranteed games scheduled with Power 5 conferences?

Cuban Baseball Federation has reached an agreement with MLB to allow to allow Cuban players to sign major league contracts without defecting.
Nobody tell Donald Trump.

So if we want to practice on a wall, maybe America could start by building one at the Florida border over Christmas? Or at least around Mar-A-Lago?

Marco Rubio, one of 12 Senators to vote against – If I’m uncomfortable in the end I’m going to air on the side of public safety and vote against it.” Right, unless the bill favors NRA or gun lobby.

Have often thought having troops in the Mideast is a mistake. But to suddenly pull them out of Syria on a day when Flynn plea and Trump Foundation being dissolved are making headline, well, T.S. Eliot had it right: “The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right thing for the wrong reason.


Trump Wednesday night tweeting about “The Ingraham Angle.” Can someone please shout at him to turn off the TV and “Do your job”?

I’m so old I remember waking up during the holiday season without thinking “What tantrum is POTUS throwing this morning?


So if Mexico is somehow “indirectly paying for the wall” can I tell IRS I am indirectly paying my taxes?

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3 Comments on “If elected they might not serve.”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    Marco Rubio has “aired” his opinions on a lot of things, but where the First Step Act is concerned, he actually erred on the side of injustice. [Insert obligatory joke about politicians & hot air here.]

  2. Paul Moertl Says:

    Regarding the Pro Bowl – I care – but only if any Packers are selected….

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