Well, maybe if they include teacher’s colleges?

Nick Saban is against expanding the college football playoff from four to eight teams.

Makes sense, we all know Alabama wants to win championships by playing as few good teams as possible.

San Antonio Spurs last night beat NBA’s Western Conference current best Denver Nuggets. While the Golden State Warriors lose back to back home games against Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers.

So is NBA about to change their motto to “Any given Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday?”

Wisconsin 35- Miami 3. Almost as low a score for Hurricanes in New York as the Yankees averaged in ALDS.

41 bowl games this season…. for how many of this young men will it be the most overhyped and meaningless game of their lives… until they get drafted by a team like the Jets.




Can we get bipartisan agreement on the fact that when it’s a 45 minute line to order a grilled cheese and someone sees a friend in line and says ‘”hey can I order with you too” that should be a felony?

As Trump uses sad shooting death of policeman to push his wall, guess no one told him officer Ronil Singh came here from Fiji as an unskilled young immigrant who wanted to be a police officer.

While Trump lies about a fake 10% pay raise for military, members of US Coast guard will be working without pay starting tomorrow due to his Shutdown. #Details

A cell signal reportedly put former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen outside Prague around the time of the alleged Russian collusion meeting.

“Fake cellphone signal” tweets in 3.2.1….

But okay, should we really be surprised same Trump administration that doesn’t seem to believe in records of what they write and say in public also didn’t understand the concept of locating cell phones?


144 USA police officers killed in line of duty in 2018 and Trump decides to tweet about the one who apparently was shot by someone in the country illegally.

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