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Lateral moves

December 9, 2018

Dolphins upset Patriots 34-33 on last play of game with a hook-and-ladder TD play featuring two laterals. And they did it without the New England band on the field.


Am a pretty hard core Saints fan, but having a one-night fling with da Bears.  #BeatLA


Rams tonight looked an awful lot like the Saints looked like last week.

What, does NOBODY want NFL #1 draft pick this year?
Yes, talking to you 49ers, Raiders, Jets….


Colin Kaepernick reportedly would consider a tryout with the Washington Redskins. So the former Super Bowl QB is willing to compromise on his stated desire to play for an NFL team?.

If the NFL only had a “Utility player of the year” award. Per ESPN, Taysom Hill of the Saints has now in 2018 …
– Completed passes
– Run for a TD
– Caught a pass
– Returned kicks
– Recorded tackles on special teams
– Blocked a punt

West Virginia QB Will Grier, NCAA’s active leader in career passing yds per game (305) and probable 1st-2nd round pick, is forgoing Mountaineers bowl game to prepare for draft. What, and give up every little boy’s dream of playing in the Camping World Bowl?

A lawsuit in California seeks to stop Blue Diamond from selling “almond milk” and instead require them to sell it as “almond imitation milk.”
Just thinking, if you’re too dumb to know you don’t actually milk almonds, you are probably too dumb to read the label.

So heck, if a “Fox and Friends” anchor who spent time traveling the world is a good UN Ambassador under Trump, assume it’s fine if next Democratic president chooses Rachel Maddow?

So who are they telling Donald Trump that Individual #1 is?

Trump flipped the coin before Saturday’s Army Navy game. And assume he pocketed it afterwards?

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, 91, a prominent Russian human rights activist and critic of Vladimir Putin, has died. Shocking. A Putin critic lived to be 91?

Trump has rolled back regulations championed by Michelle Obama to make U.S. school lunches healthier. Well, at least when all these kids grow up with diabetes and other health issues they’ll be able to get good insurance.
Oops, never mind.

Nick Ayers, rumored to be Trump’s next chief-of-staff, and a favorite of Jared and Ivanka’s, has pulled himself out of contention for the role and will return to Georgia at the end of year, citing his young family with 6-year-old triplets.
Whatever else the kids do for their dad growing up, they sure helped him dodge a BIG bullet.

Not quite feeling the power?

December 8, 2018

Florida AD Scott Stricklin indicated the school MIGHT play UCF if it was a 2 for 1 deal, two game in Gainesville, one game in Orlando.

Hmm, thought the UF mascot was a Gator not a Chicken.

San Antonio Spurs won 133-120 after the Los Angeles Lakers took a 10 point lead into the 4th quarter.   So what happened, Lakers decided to emulate Dodgers fans and head home early?

Uber is apparently rushing now to be Lyft, which has already filed papers, to an IPO. Talk about surge pricing.



I feel sorry for “Individual #1″s caddie this weekend.

Okay then…. 2% milk at United Club breakfast bar has a “dairy sensitivity” sign. When did we all get so stupid? (Or litigious?)

I’m so old that I remember when Friday used to be a slow news day.

George Papadopoulos was released from federal prison this morning. He served 12 days. 12 days?!! What now, will he write a book about the experience?

Thinking right about now that Michael Cohen may feel much safer in prison for a while.


Maybe it’s just me, but always thought if you only hire “the best people” they don’t all become stupid and weak as soon as they leave.

Tweet today from POTUS “Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him. His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell. Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!”
Can’t imagine why ex-employees turn on Trump.


Look Elizabeth Warren isn’t my first choice in 2020. But Boston Globe said she shouldn’t run because “she’s become a divisive figure.” Yes, because we all know divisive figures can never be elected President.

So which former Trump staffer is going be the first to title their book “Orange is the new Republican?


Leaving aside many details, what does it say about “stable genius” Donald Trump that he hired so many of the “best people” like Tillerson, Manafort and Cohen that he now attacks?

Some people do go both ways…

December 7, 2018

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wants to do something next year to limit shifts. Uh, here’s a solution – teach players to bunt



SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said UCF should look “inward” to address strength-of-schedule issues if the Knights want to be in the playoffs. Right, as Alabama next year plays those powerhouses New Mexico State and Western Carolina.

But seriously, which SEC team wants to follow Stanford’s lead  and actually schedule a game with UCF?


Woman who Reuben Foster allegedly hit before his most recent arrest says the SF 49ers intervened with police to undermine her. So when is this “winning with class” going to start.


No injuries when plane skids off runway in heavy rain at Burbank Airport. Fortunately it was Southwest; other airlines might have charged an “excitement fee.”

TJ Cox has just been declared winner in California’s 21th congressional district in the San Joaquin Valley,which includes areas of Fresno County, Kern County, Kings County, and Tulare County.
It’s the Democrats’ 40th pickup….and proof of a Blue Wave even in inland places that don’t HAVE waves.


Who knew trade could be so complicated?

When your whole political strategy is to have as few people vote as possible, you might not be the party of the people.

Bomb threat to CNN about 30 minutes after Donald Trump tweeted they were “Fake News” and “enemy of the people”. Just guessing Trump will be less upset about the threat than the fact a bomb didn’t detonate.


Trump also tweeting tonight about “Boarder security?” WTF?   Is he planning on regulating Airbnb?

Hoping this next winter storm is less bad than expected. But since it’s supposed to hit southern Red States guessing Trump won’t be tweeting blame for any casualties or damages.
Conservative media and others say that Hillary Clinton’s ignoring Donald Trump during Bush Funeral was “cold,” “bitter” and “nasty.”
Would it have been better if she smiled and said “Lock You Up?



From Marc Ragovin  “Wisconsin GOP has just stripped Mike McCarthy’s successor of any coaching power”

Happy trails

December 6, 2018

Christmas has come early for SF Giants pitchers.  Arizona Diamondbacks have traded Paul Goldschmidt out of the division to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Good for Derek Fisher being chosen as coach of the LA Sparks. But it will be better and bigger news when Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon gets chosen as head coach of an NBA team.

Real shame Stanford won’t be playing in this year’s Rose Bowl with Ohio State. Not so much for the game…. but imagine LSJUMB (Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band) tribute to a retiring Urban Meyer

USA Gymnastics is declaring bankruptcy. Womp womp.

In Time’s reader poll for “Person of the Year,” the leader is currently “Planet Earth.”
Waiting for Trump tweet saying Earth is overrated.

While we in the US are freaking out about Christmas song lyrics, has anyone reminded MAGAers about the line “Make the Yuletide Gay?”

If your children and grandchildren love you as much as George H.W Bush’s clearly loved him then you’ve probably lived a pretty good life.

You don’t have to think George H.W. Bush was a good President to know he was a good man.


Substantial assistance” is the reason Mueller says Michael Flynn shouldn’t get jail time. Just guessing that Moscow, and maybe anywhere they serve tea in Western Europe, shouldn’t be in Flynn’s future vacation plans.

Trump was actually almost late for Bush Funeral. Was he hoping it would rain so he could stay home?
George H.W. Bush’s casket will lie in state at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston for a final service where the former President and his wife worshiped for over 50 years.  Okay, be honest, can even Trump supporters say Donald has worshiped ANYWHERE FOR 40 years. Besides his mirror?
Seriously, how are they going to find speakers someday for Donald Trump’s funeral?
Give Donald Trump credit. If he weren’t President, Americans wouldn’t today be appreciating George H.W. Bush’s decency so much.

Desperate times?

December 4, 2018

49ers long snapper Kyle Nelson suspended 10 games for PEDs.
Shocking – You need PED’s to be a long snapper? And you need PED’s to play for this year’s 49ers?

Now there’s a THIRD incident involving Kareem Hunt, this January at a Kansas City nightclub where he allegedly threw a punch.
Guessing now the Cowboys, Redskins and Patriots won’t rush to claim him, as doesn’t look like Hunt will be eligible this postseason.

Urban Meyer will retire after the Rose Bowl. He wants to spend more time turning a blind eye to his family?

Urban Meyer indicated his suspension contributed to his decision to retire and when asked “do you think that will have any impact on your coaching legacy as you walk away?”
“I’m sure it will. That was a disappointing time, obviously.”
Not as disappointing a time as it was for Zach Smith’s wife.

Redskins’ coach Jay Gruden says the team will probably not sign Colin Kaepernick at this point “It’s been discussed for sure.  It’s just going to be a matter of which way you want to go.”

And at this point Washington wants to go in the direction of a better draft pick?

Now the USDA is recalling more than 12 million pounds of ground beef, after 250 people in 26 states have apparently fallen ill with salmonella.
But okay, Trumpsters, it’s only science. Buy the ground beef and “own the libs”

Apparently Donald Trump will paid a visit to the Bush family Tuesday in D.C. Haven’t they suffered enough this week?


How long until other countries start sending election observers to North Carolina?


So it’s late in 2018, but will the word of the year end up being “redacted”?


Here’s a bizarre fact for the night – had RFK lived, he’d have just turned 93 a couple weeks ago, Bobby was 18 months younger than George H.W. Bush.

Waiting for Donald Trump to say that Michael Flynn was just the covfefe National Security Advisor.


For those wanting special counsel to hurry up, remember how much Trump wants to make this go away -. IMHO Mueller has one shot and to paraphrase Macbeth -he needs to kill the snake, not “scotch” it.

Being Presidential

December 4, 2018

Red Sox say they have accepted invitation to visit the White House. Of course, assume they reserve the right to cancel in what they deem exceptional circumstances…  like if it rains.


Not a big fan of Colin Kaepernick as a player. Still your reminder that Mark Sanchez has a 2018 PED suspension an arrest for sexual assault and he still played today. But Sanchez never knelt for the anthem.

LA Chargers QB Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany are expecting their ninth child. Is that some sort of marriage record for completed passes?



Eric Trump attacked George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, for “the utter disrespect he shows towards” her. So Conway should do what Eric’s brother and father do and show respect to his wife by taking mistresses?

As Dan Quayle resurfaces briefly into the news as George H.W’s VP, do love remembering the story when Quayle was accused of having an affair with a lobbyist while he was purportedly golfing.
And his wife Marilyn responded “Anyone who knows him, knows Dan would rather play golf than have sex any day.”’

Remember when bar was so low for George W. Bush that if he didn’t fall off stage during debate it was considered a win. Now for Donald Trump, the funeral for George H. W. Bush will be considered a win if he doesn’t say or tweet something completely awful.

Give the devil his due – this line from Ted Cruz at Gridiron Dinner “I’m a humbler man as I head into my second term. Lindsey Graham told me just the other day that if I was murdered on the Senate Floor, still no one would vote to convict the assailant, but at least Jeff Flake would tweet that he felt bad about it”

Seriously, Trump can take credit for something: As George H.W. Bush is buried this week, millions of Americans are thinking how much they preferred him as President by comparison.

As much as John McCain wanted to be President, like to think that he would take some consolation in fact that as a Senator, he didn’t have to invite Donald Trump to his funeral.

All living ex-Presidents will attend George H. W. Bush funeral. Including Dick Cheney?

Next up, Wossamotta U?

December 3, 2018

Sometimes you just have to love the internet. Russell Okung, out of Oklahoma State, decided to have some fun during SNF introductions. And Wikipedia was on it ” Russell Okung is an American football offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League. He played college football for Wakanda Tech University, and was twice recognized as an All-American.


How long until Nick Saban tries to set up a non-conference game with Wakanda Tech?

Since Ohio State didn’t make the CFB Playoff and we probably aren’t done with the Zach Smith story, is it time for Urban Meyer to resign again for “health reasons?”

Kareem Hunt says he was wrong, and the Chiefs were in the right. Translation “I want to get signed by another team as soon as my suspension is over.”
No worries, the Cowboys and Redskins and Patriots have already probably contacted his agent..

Seriously, I’m glad Kareem Hunt is apologizing. But the incident was months ago, and he LIED to the Chiefs saying it didn’t happen.
So is he really just sorry he got caught?

Lots of folks in the NFL talking about how difficult Kareem Hunt situation is, and hoping he gets help etc.. Props to QB Patrick Mahomes for his comment “I saw the stuff that happened. We don’t do those things.

Third time’s the charm? THREE off sides by Steelers eventual game-winning field goal. Even Browns thinking “We never lost one like THAT.”

In North Carolina, the “nine-member elections board — which includes four Democrats, four Republicans and one unaffiliated voter — agreed UNANIMOUSLY to delay certification of the results in the 9th District election amid allegations of an effort to fill in or discard the absentee ballots of Democratic voters.”
Hope this doesn’t give Florida ideas.

On a book tour, Michelle Obama said “It’s not always enough to lean in, because that sh*t doesn’t work all the time.”
Fox News headline, “Michelle Obama curses, dismisses feminist advice.”

Absolutely stuns me in many ways that Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill is still causing regular negative headlines for Clintons, while we barely hear these days about behavior with women of President “Grab them by the pussy.”

Amazing amount of vitriol directed by some at Democrats who say anything nice about #Bush41 posthumously. Let’s not make this a Trump legacy that we HAVE to hate our political opponents. Seriously.




December 2, 2018

Stanford beat Cal today for their ninth straight Big Game victory.  But hey, besides an over 100 year old rivalry, the Cardinal and Golden Bears probably had a Red Box Bowl bid on the line.


If SEC really feels their conference is so superior that even the runner-up should be in playoffs, perhaps they could show it by not playing teams like UMass, Austin Peay, Arkansas State and The Citadel?

UCF rallied from 17-point halftime deficit to beat Memphis and stay undefeated. Wonder how many Power Five conference teams REALLY had hoped to send the Tigers champagne? Womp womp

Nate Taylor of The Athletic says Kareem Hunt will be suspended for 6 games. If so, expect a bidding war between Patriots, Cowboys, Redskins and Steelers who might hope to have him for a conference championship game.

Wonder how many people were rooting for Oklahoma just to keep Urban Meyer out of the CFB playoff?


Your reminder that while George H.W. Bush is too gracious a man to exclude a sitting President from his funeral, Bush 41 did say he voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump says he is postponing a press conference about his G20 accomplishments out of respect for George H.W. Bush. Translation. He was a laughing stock, and this will give him an accuse never to have one.

Trump is planning another meeting with Kim Jong Un in early January 2019. As soon as he can figure out a design for the next beautiful commemorative coins?

No, liberals haven’t suddenly fallen in love with George H. W. Bush, think John McCain’s town hall quote about Barack Obama applies here – “He’s a decent family man [and] citizen that just I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.”


Open note to anyone complaining that we shouldn’t say anything positive about George H.W. Bush because he did some bad things – litmus tests are a large part of how we got Donald Trump in the White House.