Stanford beat Cal today for their ninth straight Big Game victory.  But hey, besides an over 100 year old rivalry, the Cardinal and Golden Bears probably had a Red Box Bowl bid on the line.


If SEC really feels their conference is so superior that even the runner-up should be in playoffs, perhaps they could show it by not playing teams like UMass, Austin Peay, Arkansas State and The Citadel?

UCF rallied from 17-point halftime deficit to beat Memphis and stay undefeated. Wonder how many Power Five conference teams REALLY had hoped to send the Tigers champagne? Womp womp

Nate Taylor of The Athletic says Kareem Hunt will be suspended for 6 games. If so, expect a bidding war between Patriots, Cowboys, Redskins and Steelers who might hope to have him for a conference championship game.

Wonder how many people were rooting for Oklahoma just to keep Urban Meyer out of the CFB playoff?


Your reminder that while George H.W. Bush is too gracious a man to exclude a sitting President from his funeral, Bush 41 did say he voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump says he is postponing a press conference about his G20 accomplishments out of respect for George H.W. Bush. Translation. He was a laughing stock, and this will give him an accuse never to have one.

Trump is planning another meeting with Kim Jong Un in early January 2019. As soon as he can figure out a design for the next beautiful commemorative coins?

No, liberals haven’t suddenly fallen in love with George H. W. Bush, think John McCain’s town hall quote about Barack Obama applies here – “He’s a decent family man [and] citizen that just I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.”


Open note to anyone complaining that we shouldn’t say anything positive about George H.W. Bush because he did some bad things – litmus tests are a large part of how we got Donald Trump in the White House.

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