Not quite marching in


Well. If you’re going to have the whole team have a collective off night, better now than in the postseason.  On a brighter note for Saints fans the last time Cowboys broke their long winning streak it worked out okay – in 2009.

But hey, IMHO, the Cowboys still suck.  And if that hit on Kamara wasn’t targeting, then maybe NFL should get rid of the rule.


And didn’t we all have the Toronto Raptor and L.A. Clippers leading their respective conferences on November 30… Followed by the Milwaukee Bucks and  Denver Nuggets. #LiarsDice

Look, Richard Sherman has had a great career. But now he says about his former QB Wilson “I don’t really have a relationship with Russell . We were teammates.”

Sherman also has no relationship with his former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Not that we need an NFL “kumbaya”  but at some point, yeah, it’s not you it’s me.


Jim Acosta reported today that source close to White House called former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen a ‘rat’ adding, ‘inmates hate rats.”

On the other hand, rats multiply around garbage.

Trump said this morning Michael Cohen is a “weak person.” Gosh, almost as the man who throws EVERYONE under the bus is shocked when people don’t stay loyal to him.


Not sure if Michael Cohen has ever been to Russia. But guessing it’s off his future travel list. Along possibly with having tea in London?

Anyone think until today that Trump knew who Senator Tim Scott was?


Trump says that he misses New York. How long until they try to build a wall around Manhattan?

Trump canceled meeting with Putin today. Maybe Donald doesn’t want to face his boss after leaving his former lawyer alive to testify against him?

Russia news agency said “Kremlin regrets US Pres. Donald Trump’s decision to cancel a meeting with Russian Pres Vladimir Putin in Argentina and said Moscow is ready for contact with Trump.” In other words, your boss wants to see you in his office.

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