Whatever you believe…

Merry Christmas is not a mean sentiment   But “Happy Holidays” is boring and kind of a cop-out.  So heck  “Merry Whatever you Celebrate.”



Christmas Eve might have left Raiders fans wondering if they will ever see a professional home football game in Oakland again..

Fans in New Jersey might be forgiving for wondering the same thing with the Giants and Jets.

Clemson will not have star Dexter Lawrence for CFB playoffs after the DT tested positive for a banned substance. Maybe Lawrence was just trying to prove he is NFL ready?

Meanwhile, Alabama coach Nick Saban suspended three players for the CFB semifinal game against Oklahoma Saturday for “violations of team rules.” The players included two reserves and one starting offensive lineman who’d been dealing with turf toe and might not have played anyway.

But I’m sure Saban would have suspended the players anyway if they were stars…. #sarcasm.


Donald Trump -“I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back.”
Oh, Democrats are coming back. But just guessing Trump should be careful what he wishes for. Especially starting Jan 3.

So confused, Trump whining about being “all alone” today. But he still has Fox News and the one he loves best. Unless staffers took down all the White House mirrors.

Trump to a seven-year old calling in on NORAD’s Santa line “Are you still a believer in Santa Claus? ‘Cuz at seven it’s marginal, right?”
Many Americans to their children “Are you still a believer in US democracy? ‘Cuz at 242 it’s now marginal, right?”

A group called Kremlin Annex is outside the White House playing music loudly. Please can someone get them the music tonight to Linda Ronstadt’s “Poor poor pitiful me.”

Trump now so upset about Fed chair Jerome Powell, maybe Donald should just fire the idiot who hired him.

In the Trump version of Christmas, Jesus Mary and Joseph are detained at a border wall and Herod is celebrated for keeping Judea great.

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