Battle lines

Can’t imagine how Stanford got the #NerdNation nickname

From Twitter tonight,

Meanwhile, after Eagles won 24-0, looks like Redskins offense decided to take part in Washington DC Trump shutdown.
Actually, yeah, I know, the worst team in NFL would still beat a team like Alabama easily.
But Jets, Redskins, Raiders and 49ers did their best today to try to convince us otherwise.
Cleveland was down by 2, with 1 & 10 at Baltimore Ravens 39 and 1:18 to play in 4th quarter.  Three incomplete passes in a row & Mayfield throws a 4th down interception. So yeah, much improvement, but as a way to lose – that’s SO Browns.
Patriots up 31-3 late in 4th quarter, still keeping their starters in against hapless Jets. Sort of thing that has Belichick & company so beloved by NFL fans outside New England.
Maybe today’s game is all part of Saints plan to push Drew Brees as MVP choice by showing how they look without him?

Maybe it’s just me but thinking while jokes about school shooting survivors may distract people from remembering your sexual misconduct, those jokes won’t much for your overall image.  #LouisCK

So if Mexico is supposed to be paying for the wall, why hasn’t Trump shut down the Mexican government?


Today’s Trump fundraising email “While Nancy Pelosi sits at her luxurious resort in Hawaii, I’m at the Oval Office working for YOU.”
Uh, wasn’t it the Senate who refused to go along with Donald’s ransom demands? And Mitch is in Kentucky.

A new report found half of US adults have an immediate family member who has been in jail or prison. Well, soon maybe we won’t be able to say Trump family can’t relate to average Americans.

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