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Over and out

September 30, 2018

You know it wasn’t your day as an SF Giants fan when the opposing pitching, Rich Hill, was 0-4. In the 6th inning.

But hey, maybe it was all part of the Giants master plan to wear the Dodgers out for the post season by having their players spending so much time running the bases.


Brewers vs Cubs at Wrigley Field October 1 at 12n for who gets to win the Central Division and who is the Wild Card.   Good thing it’s not a weekday which would really mess with productivity in the Midwest.  Oops, never mind.

Meanwhile the Rockies play the Dodgers at 1p PST to see how wins the Western Division and who is the Wild Card. Which means THEIR game will get over about 4p-430p in Los Angeles.  Could be a rush hour postgame nightmare – if Dodgers fans stayed to the end of games.


Penn State ” “Let’s see if we can lose a football game with the stupidest offensive last play call of the year.” Colts,  “hold our beer.”


With all the craziness in the world these days, somehow comforting to know the Browns are still the Browns.

Sorry if you say “I believe Dr. Ford but I don’t think it was Kavanaugh” then you don’t believe Dr. Ford.

Trump said last night he would campaign seven days a week for Republicans in the midnight. “Oh please oh please” responded Democrats.


About an hour after Jerry Brown signed a net neutrality law, Trump administration sued California. Yeah, that’ll go about as well as Trump taking on Dianne Feinstein.

Anyone who questioned how Dr. Ford could still go out and have fun in college after she says she was sexually assaulted at a party… uh, Kellyanne Conway says she was sexually assaulted but still works for a predator.

(and for the record, I believe them both.)


If you go to parties regularly as a teenager, most of them will blur into being individually unmemorable. Unless something happens involving  YOU at one of them. Why is that so hard for men to understand?

September 30 in an election year.  A  few hours away from finally being done with the “Urgent, help us make our 3rd-quarter deadline” fundraising emails. And one minute after that away from “Help us start the 4th quarter off with a bang” fundraising emails


Anger time?

September 29, 2018

Must admit after the past couple days I really look forward to screaming at the television set this weekend over baseball and football games for a change.

This week’s lesson in patience: Clemson QB Kelly Bryant angrily says he’ll transfer when he gets demoted in favor of freshman Trevor Lawrence. And now Lawrence is injured.


#7 Stanford played #8 Notre Dame tonight.  Meanwhile #1 Alabama played…. #120 Louisiana-Lafayette.

SF Giants have scored 598 runs this year, 2nd lowest in MLB. Shocking to Giants fans… there’s a team that has scored fewer?

(actually it’s the Marlins.)

The American League playoff spots are all set.  And there’s major National League playoff drama.  So of course Fox’s MLB Game of the Week was…. Yankees Red Sox?

But yeah, players should market themselves.

Wonder if GOP members of Senate Judiciary Committee would have taken Dr. Ford more seriously if she said she saw Kavanaugh kneel for the anthem.

Got to wonder, how many of the rich white privileged GOP men of the Senate have nights they can’t remember in high school and college. Or worse, nights they hope others forget.


I miss the innocent days when parents just had to explain “blow jobs” to their children rather than “Devil’s Triangle.”

Remember those old “Catholics vs. Convicts” Notre Dame vs. Miami games?
Well, Fighting Irish RB Dexter Williams just returned from undisclosed 4 game “university suspension.” This after his arrest in 2016 for marijuana and possessing a handgun without a license….


Wisconsin GOP senator Ron Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have “false memories” of the alleged assault.

Johnson isn’t up for re-election until 2022, but guessing Wisconsin women will have true, and long memories.

It’s probably too late for the FBI to vet and hire Ronan Farrow for Kavanaugh investigation.

Give Jeff Flake credit. He still may almost never vote the way we Democrats want. But he basically today said the hardest words in the English language.  “I admit I may have made a mistake.”

Remember Jeff Flake in one day has admitted he might have been wrong more than Brett Kavanaugh has in a lifetime.

Another thought about Jeff Flake yesterday. Just because someone chooses “country over party” once doesn’t mean you’d suddenly vote for him or her. But whatever happened to simply acknowledging, and applauding, a human moment?


I miss Saturday nights when you could watch a football game and not miss POTUS saying that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love.”

Not sticking to sports

September 28, 2018

Okay, Friday the SF Giants get to start a weekend of trying to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs.  And Stanford plays Notre Dame, and Drew Brees takes his aerial show to NY. But for tonight…



John McCain was no saint. But have to think that, as a principled man who loved his (2nd) wife and adored his daughter, he’d be voting NO on Kavanaugh.



But for Thursday…..

Here’s what it comes down to for many women watching Dr Christine Blasey Ford: We have those same teenage memories. If it didn’t happen to us, it could have, or it’s happened to our friends. And we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

All this talk now of “process.” Does anyone believe these GOP senators would have behaved any differently if Dr. Ford called a press conference on first day of original Kavanaugh hearings?


After Kavanaugh testimony can’t imagine how anyone might think he’s an aggressive angry drunk.

But hey, Brett Kavanaugh was angry. So maybe they should have given  him six beers during the hearing recess so we could see what he’s like when he’s drunk too.

Kavanaugh says he went to parties with girls from certain “nearby” schools. “Dr. Ford did not attend one of those schools…She and I did not travel in the same social circles.”
EXACTLY. Rich privileged white boys don’t “sh*t where they eat.”

Kamala Harris asked if Kavanaugh watched Ford’s testimony this morning.
“I did not. I planned to, but I did not. I was preparing mine.”
Why do you need to prepare to tell the truth?

Beginning to think a lot of GOP male senators are worrying about what they might have done while drunk in high school and college. Or worse yet, actually remembering.


Some people, especially men, seem to have a problem with Dr. Ford’s memory. But seriously, isn’t that how high school memories work, a lot of blur and some vivid details? And a lot of parties that only a few people would remember as significant. Here’s a non-sexual example, very short version of a longer story
When I was 17,  I was at an after-work party, where we were all drinking. A friend got as drunk as I had ever seen someone. It scared me. Enlisted a somewhat random slightly older male friend from work, together we stole her keys from her, and I drove her home – with a two hour stop to worship the porcelain god in a restaurant bathroom.  No joke. But no real harm done in retrospect.  Do I remember the exact date , know the party location (beyond it being an older friend’s house), and who else of my friends/coworkers were there that night?   No. It was generally an unremarkable party.

But do I remember exactly why she was in a bad mood before the party, what the room looked like where I found her sitting on the couch with, at the end, a glass of straight booze because they had “run out of 7-up”… ”   Do I remember the smell of the Southern Comfort (ugh, yes, can’t touch the stuff now), do I remember the name of the guy who helped me,  absolutely and vividly.
I find it hard to believe anyone who has ever been a teenager doesn’t believe Dr. Christine Blasley Ford.


Mercy small?

September 26, 2018

Sometimes it’s important to remember to take joy in the little things…. like the Dodgers falling out of first place.

Alexandra King, a model who was apparently 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s ex-girlfriend, posted a smile emoji after his season-ending ACL injury on Instagram with one word “Karma.”

Just guessing their split wasn’t amicable?

Uh, oh, hope this REALLY isn’t a sign of the apocalypse. Per ESPN Duke is in the conversation and “trending up” for the college playoffs. Yes, in football.

When it comes down to it, Bill Cosby was just a “he said, she said. she said. she said. she said. she said. she said. she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said. she said” situation.

So do they serve Jello Pudding in jail?

Wow. In 1981, Anthony Tortorici, director of public relations at Coca-Cola, said the “three most believable personalities are God, Walter Cronkite, and Bill Cosby.” Of course, at one time OJ Simpson was one of our most popular football players.

Damn shame Senator John McCain isn’t still with us to have responded to the Trump Press Conference today – “I knew George Washington, George Washington was a friend of mine, Mr. President, you’re no George Washington.”


Trump “I was accused by, I believe it was four women… who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me. So Donald is admitting that 15 of his 19 accusers are telling the truth?

So the question on Nikki Haley – does she really believe what she’s saying? Or does she go back home every night close the door and scream?

If there really were this powerful vast feminist conspiracy some people seem to think there is, guess women would be doing a far better job of standing behind the SCOTUS pick of President Hillary Clinton.

At times like this it is useful to remember – whatever evils happen in the Trump administration, Obama once wore a tan suit.


Wonder if about now Justice Anthony Kennedy is regretting his early retirement.

Original Fox News Trump Press Conference headline on website showed a picture of an angry Trump with the caption “Big fat con job.” But they took it down… I wonder why?

Yeah, Michael Avenatti can be obnoxious. So can Gloria Allred. Doesn’t mean both of them (and their clients) aren’t generally right.

Okay, seriously haven’t we ALL had a friend or acquaintance who is nice and charming while sober, but a helluva mean drunk?

Fox News is showing clips of Trump’s speech to UN with laughs edited out. State TV at its finest.

Marching in?

September 25, 2018

Jimmy Garappolo out for season with torn ACL after trying to get a few more yards on a running play. Think Sean Payton has told Drew Brees “Nice rushing TDs, don’t do it again?”

Heard inside a Key West bar after Drew Brees fourth quarter TD to help Saints come back and beat the Falcons.  A man, standing with his wife, “I want to have his baby.”

She looked at him and said “I’ll allow that.”

Jimmy Garappolo is out for the season. Gosh, if only there were a QB available who had a track record of some success playing for the 49ers….

So did clock hit midnight on Fitzmagic?

A Comerica park employee was charged after a video showed him spitting on a pizza ordered by a customer.  No doubt the first time that’s ever happened.  (Don’t be mean to service staff. )


Forget Brett Kavanaugh trying to convince us he’s a Supreme Court judge. Now he’s trying to convince us he’s Tim Tebow. #WTF?

Uh, Brett Kavanaugh just might have opened up the most contentious and consequential argument over virginity since Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Since UNGA laughed at him, how long until Donald Trump tweets that he wants to pull out of the UN.


How much do we want to see headlines for every foreign newspaper tomorrow after Trump speech to UNGA today?

Just thinking, again, that maybe the “I was a drunken idiot a few times in my youth and there are a few nights I don’t remember” defense might have made more sense than categorical denial.

So now we have someone who tried to convince us a Presidential blow job WAS sex, trying to convince us he himself didn’t have sex in high school and into college. Irony, your table is ready.

Seriously, of course no parent can be sure how their children will turn out. But as a mother, how hard is it to tell a son “No means no?”

Burning bright.

September 23, 2018


Tiger Woods has won a tournament. So that means as far as ESPN is concerned ‘What NFL Week 3?”

Meanwhile, the Lions upset the Patriots 26 to 10.  So guessing New England fans and Brady feel a bit deflated?

Anyone saying they had that Stanford comeback all the way.. I want you on my team in liars’ dice.

So how many Stanford, and Oregon, fans woke up this morning saying “Did that really happen?”

Oregon fans threw bottles at Stanford players after tonight’s overtime loss. Fortunately for Cardinal players their bottle control was as good as Ducks’ ball control in 2nd half.

Old Dominion Saturday beat Virginia Tech 49-35. Biggest shocker for many college football fans – Old Dominion had a football team?

Scott Frost apparently told Nebraska players after 56-10 loss to Michigan that things can’t get any worse. Fans of Northwestern from 1979-82 might disagree. (34 losses in a row.)

Nikki Haley says the US doesn’t want to do “regime change” anywhere. Well, some Americans would like to do regime change at the ballot box this November.

Though, must confess I love forward to November 7, when 90 percent of my Sunday inbox won’t be fundraising emails. 

Six siblings of AZ GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona made a campaign ad endorsing his Dem. opponent, David Brill. And you think YOUR Thanksgiving family dinner this year might be awkward?

Walmart has warned that pne of the items facing price hikes with Trump tariffs will be toilet paper. Well, that’s sh*tty news.


Let’s be clear. This is not talking about putting a man in prison for life for bad behavior as a teenager. But we ARE talking about putting him on SCOTUS for life


.”Whoever she is, she’s lying.” Yeah, exactly the kind of man Americans want deciding legal issues for every woman in the USA.

And the hits just keep on coming.

September 21, 2018


With the Astros signing Roberto Osuna and now Addison Russell being put on “administrative leave” over domestic violence accusations,  getting increasingly harder to root for likable teams.

(and no, the Dodgers and Yankees NEVER count.)

Jacob deGrom tonight had his 23rd straight quality start.  (Quality start, 6 innings, 3 or less runs.)  deGrom is 9-9 this year.

With the SF Giants that kind of pitching performance might have won him at least 10 games.


Chargers and Rams, meeting on Sunday, apparently both frustrated with trying to build a fan base for NFL football in Los Angeles.
Maybe 2018 will be better with slow start of their only pro competition at USC?

Or maybe not. Announced attendance tonight for USC football against Washington State, just over 52,000.


Open note to Trump.  Rob Porter’s accusers DID go to police. And you still don’t believe them.


Wonder how many of the women Trump grabbed by the pussy went to the police or FBI right away.

So what are all these GOP senators telling their daughters (and granddaughters) about sexual assault. Just as important, what are they telling their sons?

Just saying …. anyone who’s read police report from Ben Roethlisberger’s 2010 arrest for alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old will have no problem believing Stormy Daniels.

Increasingly hard to listen to “Summer Nights” from Grease.” “C’mon c’mon did you get very far?” “Did she put up a fight?” Men have no clue about sexual assault. Period.

Over $18 million in cocaine was found in boxes of bananas shipped to the USA after the unclaimed boxes were donated to a prison. Even the inmates had to think “Crooks are REALLY stupid.”