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A thousand words

September 14, 2018

That moment when you board a plane,  stow your things, and realize you will probably get along just find with the person randomly seated next to you ….fear


Thursday thanks

September 14, 2018

Giants fans felt pretty good Thursday finally knowing that there would be ONE day in September where SF would not lose a game.

(they had an off day)

SF Giants now selling 2019 Spring Training packages. With all due respect, anyone who wants to watch Spring Training level baseball can just go to an  SFGiants game this September.

MVP votes for Andrew McCutchen in 2018? SF Giants have not won a game since they traded him. Seriously.

Mayor of a New Orleans suburb just rescinded the city’s ban on Nike equipment and clothing after players on the Saints complained.  Good to know that even in times of prejudice there are priorities in Louisiana.

Who says I never say anything nice about Donald Trump?   By being subject of  “Fear” he may save thousands of jobs in bookstores.

All these GOP members of Congress expressing disapproval of are like parents of out-of-control children threatening that if they don’t behave “NEXT time there will be repercussions.”


Now it’s Jeff Fager, executive producer of “60 Minutes,” leaving over accusations of “inappropriate conduct.” Maybe it will be easier for history in the end to compile a list of powerful men in entertainment and news industries who weren’t a**holes.

Sad that we’ve reset the US mass shooting clock, again. Sadder that it’s barely a headline.
Meanwhile, over on Fox News, the top editor’s choice headline is a Syrian refugee charged with a 2017 murder of a teenager in Canada….

Texas Sen. John Cornyn slamming what he perceives as “false, nasty, vulgar, personal, uncivil verbal abuse of an honorable and diligent public servant like Senator Collins” over Kavanaugh vote. I missed his regular similar outrage with Trump tweets

Now Trump claiming “3,000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico.” So that’s going to be his strategy with asbestos, dirty water, methane, coal… “Fake cancer?”


Trump claiming the 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico were made up by Democrats to make him look bad. Even if you’re a Republican supporting his policies at some point you have to admit POTUS is insane. Seriously.


A man who is so insane as to believe Democrats would fake 3,000 American deaths just to make him look bad is way too insane to pick a Supreme Court Justice.