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End of an era

September 2, 2018

John McCain was no saint. And he made a number of mistakes in his life, most damaging perhaps his choice of running mate.
But he loved his family and he loved America.
Can anyone honestly say the same about Trump?
(lusting after your daughter doesn’t count.)

Another reason Trump is so upset today. Millions of Americans ADMIRE the relationship John McCain had with HIS daughter.


Bottled water has an expiration date?! So what happens when it expires?

From Trump fundraising email. (Yeah, I know, who put me on this list?)
“You only have until TOMORROW at 11:59 to get 40% OFF all OFFICIAL TRUMP MERCHANDISE for our Labor Day Sale”
Gosh, who knew this stuff wasn’t selling out?

Official Trump merchandise from the MAGA committee store is shipped by the USPS. Wonder how their negotiated rates compare to Amazon’s?


As a liberal, I supported McCain’s right to have all the people HE wanted to eulogize him and attend.
And I will support Trump’s right someday to pick people to eulogize him and attend his funeral. Both of them.

This is the last weekend of the year without professional football. Well, not counting the SEC.

SF Giants now gone from only getting 1-2 runs a day to 1-2 hits a day? This is NOT progress.

Trump started out Sunday morning praising TIger Woods. Who does he think he is, ESPN?

Nick Saban called a reporter personally to apologize after being nasty over a question on his quarterback situation,¬† ¬†Imagine how cranky he’s going to be after Alabama’s first loss.

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted out a “prayer”¬† that “our President can be as disciplined in his discourse and speeches like last two [weeks before] his election.”

Because “thoughts and prayers” have worked so well?


I miss having a President who spent Saturday nights enjoying life with his wife and family.

What this morning’s McCain Memorial reminds us is that decent people can disagree about politics. And that America still has decent people. Even if not right now in the White House.