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And the hits just keep on coming.

September 21, 2018


With the Astros signing Roberto Osuna and now Addison Russell being put on “administrative leave” over domestic violence accusations,  getting increasingly harder to root for likable teams.

(and no, the Dodgers and Yankees NEVER count.)

Jacob deGrom tonight had his 23rd straight quality start.  (Quality start, 6 innings, 3 or less runs.)  deGrom is 9-9 this year.

With the SF Giants that kind of pitching performance might have won him at least 10 games.


Chargers and Rams, meeting on Sunday, apparently both frustrated with trying to build a fan base for NFL football in Los Angeles.
Maybe 2018 will be better with slow start of their only pro competition at USC?

Or maybe not. Announced attendance tonight for USC football against Washington State, just over 52,000.


Open note to Trump.  Rob Porter’s accusers DID go to police. And you still don’t believe them.


Wonder how many of the women Trump grabbed by the pussy went to the police or FBI right away.

So what are all these GOP senators telling their daughters (and granddaughters) about sexual assault. Just as important, what are they telling their sons?

Just saying …. anyone who’s read police report from Ben Roethlisberger’s 2010 arrest for alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old will have no problem believing Stormy Daniels.

Increasingly hard to listen to “Summer Nights” from Grease.” “C’mon c’mon did you get very far?” “Did she put up a fight?” Men have no clue about sexual assault. Period.

Over $18 million in cocaine was found in boxes of bananas shipped to the USA after the unclaimed boxes were donated to a prison. Even the inmates had to think “Crooks are REALLY stupid.”


What can Browns do for you?

September 21, 2018

Browns won for first time in 635 days. That’s so long ago we still had a President.

But hey, the Browns have won a game.  The question tonight, how did the Jets win one?

Ten games left in the season and in American League now all playoff spots are set, making those games essentially meaningless.

So for a little over a week everyone gets to see what it’s like to be an Orioles fan.

You know you’re going to an “old fart” concert, in this case, the Eagles,  when the tickets say “no cameras.”  Yes, kids, that was still a concept in pre-smartphone era.


Trump fundraising email again “As we start 2018, we want to know your thoughts on the President’s most important campaign promise: to Make America Great Again.” Uh -“START” 2018? It’s September.

A Maine restaurant is putting lobsters in a box full of marijuana smoke before boiling so they at least die happier. Which might explain if diners get an after-dinner craving for Doritos.

Steve Bannon on Trump tariffs “And guess what – you may end up paying 5% more or 10% more for the junk you buy at Walmart.” But hey, it’s liberals who supposedly are the ones insulting working-class voters?

At least one person is dead and 17 sick from E. coli, and now 132,000 pounds of Cargill ground beef have been recalled. But hey, let’s get rid of pesky regulations

Never heard of Ed Whelan before today but have to assume he is desperate for a job in Trump administration or at Fox News.

Am I the only one who when Kanye West says something to feel “I really don’t care do U?”


Well, that didn’t take long. Trump now complaining about Dr. Ford. “Why didn’t somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?” Right, that worked out so well for the women who claimed they have been sexually assaulted by Trump himself.

Once again, as a parent, I can say pretty definitely that no sane mother, especially of teenage boys, wants to have her entire life starting in high school made front page news.
And the fact that Dr. Blasley Ford has been willing to risk that absolutely convinces me her story is true. That is all.