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Age and treachery

September 7, 2018

Serena Williams vs Naomi Osaka, age 20, for the US Open championship. And Serena’s about to prove that mothers can serve, as well as know, best.


If Bob Woodward’s book is even partially accurate we have a President who isn’t even capable of choosing the team captain for a White House softball team let alone a Supreme Court Justice.

But maybe Trump COULD resign and become GM for the Mets?

Apparently Donald Trump has narrowed his list of suspects on that NY Times OpEd.   He thinks it happened in the library, with the wrench, Colonel Mustard.

Some wonder why that “Anonymous White House” official, who claims to be a Republican, went to NY Times instead of Fox News.  What if they DID go to Fox News first, and were ignored or dismissed?

For anyone who said Cory Booker should have played by the rules. Yeah, that worked out so well for Democrats and Justice Merrick Garland.

Open note to Donald Trump – before you go after Cory Booker remember that Cory played football at Stanford.   He can kick your a**.


Seriously, how easy would it have been for Trump to have laughed off  the NY Times Op Ed and Bob Woodward book by saying he doesn’t comment on fiction?” Instead, by his anger he’s confirmed both.

Rudy now says Trump will not answer investigators’ questions on obstruction of justice. As if he was ever going to tell the truth anyway

So Kavanaugh thinks we need to “harden” the schools? As if it’s not “hard” enough in school these days without working about guns on campus.

Anyone who considers birth control to be “abortion-inducing drugs” is respectfully speaking, too clueless about science to be a Supreme Court Judge.


Who knew we might miss days of “I want a President I can have a beer with,” now that some Republicans are going – “I want a President who sounds like he has drunk a six-pack.”