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RIP Stretch

October 31, 2018

I was a Tigers fan growing up but impossible not to recognize the greatness of Willie McCovey.
At least he got to see the Dodgers lose one more World Series.


Maybe tomorrow in baseball heaven the ball will be at least a single.



1-6 Raiders against 1-7 49er tomorrow night on TNF. Was someone at NFL prescient when they scheduled it for “Day of the Dead?”

Los Angeles Lakers hung on for a 114-113 win tonight.  Well, Lebron and company may not make the playoffs, but they at least have as many wins as the Cleveland Browns.



Forget the anthem issue. Wonder if Colin Kaepernick STILL thinks voting doesn’t matter?

Now Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has backed out of last governor’s debate against Stacey Abrams on Sunday. Guess he’s too busy trying to disenfranchise more voters?

Is today a good day to point out that Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka were all born before their mother was a US citizen?


Trump says getting rid of 14th amendment should be no different than Obama’s DACA executive order.
Uh, does Donald forget how much he criticized the DACA order and has been trying to overturn it?

Op-ed today in Washington Post called Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship “unconstitutional.” Not surprising. Except it this was written by George Conway – Kellyanne’s husband. And you think your family Thanksgiving might be awkward?


Maybe Donald Trump is really sending troops to Texas so he can claim to his followers that he actually WILL visit a war zone.

Apparently right-wing groups want to “help” protect the border and U.S. Border Patrol is warning Texas landowners that it expects “possible armed civilians” to come onto their property.
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Am thinking if you have even slightly tanned or dark skin and you’re planning a fall vacation, might be a good idea to avoid the American Southwest.


Guessing my readers don’t need the reminder, but pass it on: If you’re outraged and don’t vote YOU are complicit.


Bad boys

October 30, 2018

Browns fired Hue Jackson and hired the Saints coach suspended for Bountygate. Now NY Giants back-up QB Kyle Lauletta was arrested this morning while driving to practice, He reportedly failed to obey a police officer’s directions and almost struck the cop with his car.
Your move, 49ers and Raiders. #Howlowcanyougo



Maryland has reinstated football coach DJ Durkin, who’s been on paid leave after the June death of a player from heatstroke from a workout.
The Terrapins are 3-2, 3rd in the Big Ten East. So they’re selling their souls, not for a National Championship, but the chance to compete in the Redbox Bowl?.

Rutgers dismissed Izaia Bullock from football program after the linebacker was charged with 2 counts of 1st degree attempted murder AND conspiracy to commit murder.
Suppose Bullock still has an NFL shot someday -, at least he didn’t kneel for the anthem.

Now 49ers QB C.J. Beathard has an injured right wrist and may not play Thursday.
So has anyone looked to see if on his way out Colin Kaepernick buried a voodoo doll in the locker room?

White House official said Trump’s going with Melania, Jared and Ivanka to Pittsburgh will be an “understated” visit to be respectful to the community’s wishes.
Uh, if he were respectful to the community’s wishes, Trump would have stayed home.

Sarah Sanders’s claim today “President extended a bipartisan invitation to Congressional Leadership to travel with him to Pennsylvania. Understandably, the members had prior commitments or wanted to show their respect in a private way.”

McConnell, Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi were all invited, but declined. Translation, even 4 deeply divided members of Congress  DID honor the city’s wishes

On day he’s flying to Pittsburgh in theory to help unify country after a terrorist hate crime, Trump tweets to attack Democratic Ohio Gov. candidate Richard Cordray as a “clone of Pocahontas….”

Can Jason Wohl share a cell with Martin Shkreli? Asking for a friend named Karma.


This “Surefire Intelligence” phone number ringing to Jacob Wohl’s mom’s voice mail is the craziest criminal twist involving a mother since “Psycho.”

That reputed toilet paper stuck to Donald Trump’s shoe earlier this month? Now we know it was DEFINITELY a piece of the constitution. #14thAmendment

Amazing how many Trump supporters who dismiss the 14th Amendment would fight to the death to defend the 2nd.

It will likely be at least mid-December at the earliest before migrant caravan reaches the US. If we do have another hurricane or natural disaster this year & troop response is delayed because they’re waiting at the border – will Donald Trump take the “credit?

Donald Trump wants Stormy Daniels to pay him $341,559.50 over her failed defamation claim.
Gosh, the only way I can imagine her getting that kind of money in a hurry is to sell some pictures….

Don’t call us, we’ll call you?

October 29, 2018

Red Sox manager Alex Cora team will have a conversation “later on” about IF they will accept a White House invitation. When you might have lost baseball players…?

What’s next?  NASCAR?


Browns have fired coach  have fired coach Hue Jackson. Since team has as many wins as Raiders and 49ers combined (plus a tie) did they fire him for overachieving?

But now Gregg Williams, fired by New Orleans Saints as a “rogue coach” & then suspended by NFL for bounty program, has been named as the interim Browns head-coach.   So Cleveland apparently isn’t done answering the question “How low can you go?

San Antonio Spurs, missing their two top point guards, and still getting used to life post Manu, Parker and Kawhi, are now per ESPN “4-0 this season in games that have gone into clutch time, which ranks as the most wins in the NBA in that scenario.”
Smoke, mirrors and Popovich.

Meanwhile at a North Carolina high school, one student has died after being shot by another student during an argument before class today. So if only BOTH students were armed?


So exactly how much is it costing US taxpayers to send 5,200 troops to border? Weeks if not months before these migrants actually show up. If they do at all. Waiting for tea party conservatives to decry the waste.

Kellyanne Conway says it’s “disrespecting the victims” to play “blame game” after Pittsburgh shooting. She forgot to add, but next time a white woman is killed by an immigrant, well, we’re going to play the hell out of that one….Again.

People who fell over 3,000 feet to their deaths from Yosemite National Park’s scenic Taft Point were apparently a young married couple who were travel bloggers. Sad, but since they left no children isn’t that the DEFINITION of a Darwin award?

Fox & Friends says migrant caravan may be bringing ‘Diseases’ to America. Actually REAL disease problems in America are unvaccinated children and people who can’t afford healthcare and go to work sick. Not to mention dirty air, water. etc..


All attention [Tuesday] should be on the victims,” Mayor of Pittsburgh told reporters. “We do not have enough public safety officials to provide enough protection at the funerals and to be able, at the same time, [to] draw attention away to a potential presidential visit.”

So of course Trump is coming, and bringing Melania, Jared AND Ivanka. Because it IS all about him.

108 games until pitchers and catchers report..

October 28, 2018

But who’s counting?


So I guess that 18 inning loss didn’t demoralize Red Sox too badly?


The best comedy comes from pain. Texas Rangers -verified account @Rangers
“Hey @Dodgers, the support group for back-to-back #WorldSeries losers meets on Tuesdays.”

Booing the manager who brought you to World Series before game five. Stay classy, Dodgers fans.

Good game for Saints, but as New Orleans fan I am NEVER resting easy with a late 4th quarter lead against Minnesota Vikings again.

So Sunday’s games – 49ers – 1-6 vs Cardinals  – 1-6; Raiders 1-5 vs Colts 20.  Kind of Sunday that might have even gotten hard-core San Francisco Bay Area pro football fans outdoors to hike or something

Who says I never say anything nice about a Dodger?  Rich Hill on Trump’s tweet attacking Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts’ decisions last night “There was a mass shooting yesterday … The focus, in my opinion, of the president is to be on the country, and not on moves that are made in a World Series game.”


Of course, tonight, Trump was back to  “The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!”

So maybe he should have stuck to baseball?

Wonder how long it will take Cleveland Cavs to catch up in wins to 2018  Browns?

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing what’s going on with hate in our country,” said Trump as he flew off to another rally where his cult members screamed “CNN sucks” and “lock her up.”

So if the Pittsburgh synagogue had been locked like the Kentucky black church would the killer have gone looking for a local grocery star to shoot Jews instead?

At least four trained “good guys with guns” were shot in Pittsburgh . So how many armed guards does Trump think it would have taken?

More from our “fearless leader” Trump talking about “what a shame” mass shootings are. “It’s even tougher when you’re the President of the United States and you have to watch this kind of a thing happen. It is so sad to see.” So once again, it’s ALL about him.


This morning, Trump uses his Twitter platform, not to heal, but to attack Tom Steyer. Who not only was MAGA Bomber recipient but whose Jewish father was a prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials.


Mike Pence today on Trump’s rhetoric ” I just don’t think you can connect it to threats or acts of violence. And I don’t think the American people connect it.” In case anyone thinks he would be an improvement over

This could go on all day and night

October 26, 2018
That moment when Friday’s World Series game 3 seems likely to run into Saturday’s College Football morning Game Day.
If Red Sox only kept Pablo Sandoval on team as a backup maybe they would have another extra-innings pitching option.

I REALLY fell in love with baseball as a child with Mickey Lolich’s three wins in 1968 World Series. Wonder how many children will be able to stay up to see ANY wins in 2018 World Series?


A Louisiana elementary school teacher was arrested for having a “partially consumed” bottle of wine in her classroom after reportedly displaying “odd behavior during car rider pickup duty.”
I miss days when this would be one of the craziest stories to post on FB.

None of bombs went off. I suppose we should be thankful that #MAGABomberlike many other Trump supporters was not big on science

Now waiting for GOP chants of “mental illness, mental illness, mental illness.” While they cut funding for mental illness.
And did I mention, mental illness is definitely a “pre-existing condition.”

Now Donald Trump is complaining about attention paid to “‘bomb’ stuff” while his top election talking point is people walking 1,000 miles from US border

When a woman told Senator John McCain, Barack Obama was an Arab, McCain corrected her and added he was a decent family man, a good citizen he happened to have disagreements with.
When supporters scream hateful lies about Democrats, Trump nods and says “Lock them up.”

Another moment he became Presidential. Asked about his rhetoric “I think I’ve been toned down, if you want to know the truth. I could really tone it up because as you know the media’s been extremely unfair to me and to the Republican Party.”


The MAGA bomber was caught so quickly because of a fingerprint on the bomb he sent to Maxine Waters. Clearly a low-IQ individual.

Just saw this on conservative radio host Wayne Dupree’s blog – Seriously. “The guy is likely a leftist, who was offered a good chunk of change to take the rap before the election.”

When a woman told John McCain Obama was an Arab, McCain corrected her and added he was a decent family man, a good citizen he happened to have disagreements with.
When supporters scream hateful lies about Democrats, Trump nods and says “Lock them up.”

So many laugh off MAGA bomber as a loser who would never have done anything. Same might have been said about young man who was diagnosed with learning disability & “schzoid features” as a child, court-martialed twice, and incapable of holding a job….. Lee Harvey Oswald

Just a bit to the right

October 25, 2018

Curt Schilling is upset Boston didn’t invite him along with others on 2004 World Series team to throw out 1st pitch last night. Maybe because outspoken former  Red Sox ace wouldn’t agree to put a bloody sock in it?

Sports headline you might never read again “After being upset by Georgia Southern, Appalachian State fell out of the college football top 25 tonight.


You know your NHL team is bad when.. Arby’s has been giving out curly fries in Detroit if a Red Wings player got a hat trick. Except no one has done it in last two seasons..So now ESPN reports it’s free fries if whole TEAM scores three goals.

Water main break at JFK airport today means all bathrooms in Terminal 5 closed. Well, that’s a sh*tty story.

Between Caitlin and Kanye. Kim is increasingly looking like the smart Kardashian.

Now that Megyn Kelly has been fired, what about the NBC executive who thought it was a good idea to hire her in the first place?

Not that it really matters with all the other stuff going on these days, but how’s that search for the White House op-ed writer going?

So maybe the mailed bombs didn’t go off because the sender has as strong a regard for science as Trump.  Or because they were from Florida?

Same right-wing media and politicians claiming “false flag” over bombs sent to Trump critics would be calling for martial law if bombs had been sent to them.


Considering the attention span of American voters, Senator Grassley’s trying to go after Avenatti and Julie Swetnick will simply remind voters, women especially, of Kavanaugh alleged attempted rapes.  And give FBI reason to talk to Brett again.  But okay Chuck, you do you.

Just wondering, as Trump tweets out these random “total and very strong” endorsements, could he actually pick most of these people out of a lineup?

This is toning it down? From Trump fundraising email today – “our country will suffer if we let liberal mob rule take over in 12 days”

Of course this President is too busy to respond to EVERY mass shooting in America…
But the Kentucky Kroger killer was a white man whho apparently deliberately targeted and shot random black people. If he were an immigrant who shot white people, Trump would be screaming louder for his wall and eulogizing the victims.

Cold days and nights.

October 24, 2018

Rough couple games for Los Angeles. To be fair, since SF Giants have moved from Candlestick Park, Dodgers longer get  as much practice playing in winter conditions.


If you don’t care who wins World Series rooting for a sweep does mean Fox makes less ad revenue. Just saying.

Fans of major league teams can get carried away sometimes rooting against their rivals. But MLB, NFL and  NBA wouldn’t let fans talk and act with as much hate as Trump fans do at his rallies

If  POTUS really has convinced you someone is an “enemy of the people” then it IS at least a semi-logical step that you as a good citizen should try to take them out. Trump owns these packages today.

August 2016. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” .


Today’s mailed bombs are simply a modern day response to Trump’s constant “will no one rid me of these meddlesome priests?”

Let’s be honest here. Even “if”, and it’s a BIG ‘if,” Trump doesn’t believe his calls to violence and just means them as a way to rally support and get votes…. many of his supporters take him literally.


Scott Walker today on his wife “She’s got Type 1 diabetes. I want to reinforce it: we will always cover people like my wife with pre-existing medical conditions, don’t believe the lies, don’t believe the lies.”
Well, yeah, as long as you have GOVERNMENT healthcare you’ll be fine. The rest of you suckers are on your own.

Trump has repeatedly ignored warnings that his personal iPhone isn’t secure. Now NY Times reports that Chinese and Russian spies are listening in on his phone calls.
Time for another rousing chorus of “But her emails.”

Now Trump in tonight’s rally “We must accept the verdicts of elections.”
Right, except in places like California where they hate me, then it must be illegals voting.

Here’s an idea for the media. Next time you get the urge to cover a Trump rally, show puppy and kitten videos instead. Just as much useful substance and a lot better for our country.

I  miss actually having many fine people on both sides.