Cold days and nights.

Rough couple games for Los Angeles. To be fair, since SF Giants have moved from Candlestick Park, Dodgers longer get  as much practice playing in winter conditions.


If you don’t care who wins World Series rooting for a sweep does mean Fox makes less ad revenue. Just saying.

Fans of major league teams can get carried away sometimes rooting against their rivals. But MLB, NFL and  NBA wouldn’t let fans talk and act with as much hate as Trump fans do at his rallies

If  POTUS really has convinced you someone is an “enemy of the people” then it IS at least a semi-logical step that you as a good citizen should try to take them out. Trump owns these packages today.

August 2016. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” .


Today’s mailed bombs are simply a modern day response to Trump’s constant “will no one rid me of these meddlesome priests?”

Let’s be honest here. Even “if”, and it’s a BIG ‘if,” Trump doesn’t believe his calls to violence and just means them as a way to rally support and get votes…. many of his supporters take him literally.


Scott Walker today on his wife “She’s got Type 1 diabetes. I want to reinforce it: we will always cover people like my wife with pre-existing medical conditions, don’t believe the lies, don’t believe the lies.”
Well, yeah, as long as you have GOVERNMENT healthcare you’ll be fine. The rest of you suckers are on your own.

Trump has repeatedly ignored warnings that his personal iPhone isn’t secure. Now NY Times reports that Chinese and Russian spies are listening in on his phone calls.
Time for another rousing chorus of “But her emails.”

Now Trump in tonight’s rally “We must accept the verdicts of elections.”
Right, except in places like California where they hate me, then it must be illegals voting.

Here’s an idea for the media. Next time you get the urge to cover a Trump rally, show puppy and kitten videos instead. Just as much useful substance and a lot better for our country.

I  miss actually having many fine people on both sides.

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