The new late show?

Just pointing out to Fox Sports and ESPN that East Coast bias may not be so good for ratings when only West Coast fans can stay up to see World Series.

Not sure how many of his former teammates’ numbers on SF Giants  Eduardo Nunez still has ion his phone. But after his 3 run pinch-hit home run against Dodgers bet Eduardo just heard from all of them.


Another reason to root for Red Sox – Tom Goodwin, who shares my birthday, is a former SF Giant, and Boston 1st base coach.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts got loud pre-game ovation at Fenway from fans who remember him for stealing a base that started that amazing 2014 ALCS  comeback against the Yankees.

Red Sox fans might have cheered him louder tonight though for removing Pedro Baez.

My son isn’t even married yet, but fully expect some day to hear the question “Grandma, what’s a complete game?”

Damn. RIP Hank Greenwald. His voice was the soundtrack to me falling in love with SF Giants.

  1. Still get shivers with this Greenwald call “And Clark hits it up the middle, into center-field, base hit!!! Maldonado scores! Here comes Butler…on his way to third is Thompson, the Giants lead three to one!!! And Superman has done it again!”

Apparently a winning Mega Millions jackpot ticket was sold tonight in South Carolina. So will winner’s first act to be to move out of South Carolina?

No injuries reported when small vintage Nazi plane crashed on 101 in Agoura Hills. Not sure intended destination, but pilot must have been very confused – Trump doesn’t do rallies in California.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said “US will revoke visas and issue ‘visa lookouts’ for those identified as responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.” What about possibly revoking Jared’s passport?

Trump today “California, get on the ball. Because we’re not gonna hand you any more money. It’s ridiculous.” Guess no one told the stable genius that California contributes much more to the federal budget than we get back.

Interesting that a self-proclaimed Nationalist like Trump will be celebrating U.S. Veterans Day in Paris with Vladimir Putin.

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