True crimes

EX-NFL player Rae Carruth released from prison after 18 yr- sentence for having his pregnant girlfriend murdered
If Carruth weren’t 44, wonder how many NFL teams would say he deserves a second chance. Not like he did anything awful like kneel for the anthem.


I know it’s early in the season, but, somehow I missed NBA rule change that Lebron James has to take at LEAST four steps for refs to call traveling.

For those who need pre-election diversion in SF Bay Area, put November 1 on your calendars – Raiders vs. 49ers. At least one team has to get their second win of the season.
If both don’t get their first tie.

News that Bob Barker taken to hospital provokes one of two responses from most Americans – 1. Hope he’s okay. 2. Bob Barker is still alive?

But really, doesn’t every consulate keep a supply of body doubles just in case one of their citizens accidentally dies while visiting them?

If Californians are rioting over sanctuary cities and their liberal government how come Democrats are favored to win even more races than usual on November 6?

Takes particular kind of chutzpah to use hashtag while standing in front of an angry mob you helped create, a mob who mostly got jobs under Obama.

Trump now claiming that “Criminals and Unknown Middle Easterners” are in the migrant caravan.
I know Bill Clinton wrote a thriller novel with James Patterson, is Trump trying to prove he can be more implausibly creative?

If we gave every American who voted a MegaMillions lottery ticket we’d have at least 80% turnout.

As Donald Trump talks about criminals and Mideasterners potentially being in the migrant caravan, can we have a moment to remember where the 9-11 hijackers came from?

So I guess Trump would be attacking people who risked their lives to cross the Berlin Wall as criminals too?
If I were an American employer think I’d choose to hire someone who would face danger and walk for weeks to get a job over a whole lot of lazy people born right here.
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