Just a bit to the right

Curt Schilling is upset Boston didn’t invite him along with others on 2004 World Series team to throw out 1st pitch last night. Maybe because outspoken former  Red Sox ace wouldn’t agree to put a bloody sock in it?

Sports headline you might never read again “After being upset by Georgia Southern, Appalachian State fell out of the college football top 25 tonight.


You know your NHL team is bad when.. Arby’s has been giving out curly fries in Detroit if a Red Wings player got a hat trick. Except no one has done it in last two seasons..So now ESPN reports it’s free fries if whole TEAM scores three goals.

Water main break at JFK airport today means all bathrooms in Terminal 5 closed. Well, that’s a sh*tty story.

Between Caitlin and Kanye. Kim is increasingly looking like the smart Kardashian.

Now that Megyn Kelly has been fired, what about the NBC executive who thought it was a good idea to hire her in the first place?

Not that it really matters with all the other stuff going on these days, but how’s that search for the White House op-ed writer going?

So maybe the mailed bombs didn’t go off because the sender has as strong a regard for science as Trump.  Or because they were from Florida?

Same right-wing media and politicians claiming “false flag” over bombs sent to Trump critics would be calling for martial law if bombs had been sent to them.


Considering the attention span of American voters, Senator Grassley’s trying to go after Avenatti and Julie Swetnick will simply remind voters, women especially, of Kavanaugh alleged attempted rapes.  And give FBI reason to talk to Brett again.  But okay Chuck, you do you.

Just wondering, as Trump tweets out these random “total and very strong” endorsements, could he actually pick most of these people out of a lineup?

This is toning it down? From Trump fundraising email today – “our country will suffer if we let liberal mob rule take over in 12 days”

Of course this President is too busy to respond to EVERY mass shooting in America…
But the Kentucky Kroger killer was a white man whho apparently deliberately targeted and shot random black people. If he were an immigrant who shot white people, Trump would be screaming louder for his wall and eulogizing the victims.

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