Who’s in center?

Since ESPN & Fox almost never showed Milwaukee during regular season many fans have to wonder, why is this guy named Yelich who is only hitting.167 batting second?

Going to be interesting who gets booed more at AT&T Park, Yasiel Puig, or Manny Machado if he resigns with the Dodgers.

Wonder how many baseball fans thought “Thank heaven Angel Hernandez isn’t umpiring ALCS so we won’t get any game changing controversial calls. ” Joe West – ‘Hold my beer.”


Kawhi Leonard got a standing ovation in his first game with the Raptors, and seems happy enough now to be in Toronto.  Of course, with Canada’s new marijuana laws, maybe he figures it won’t be long until some of his favorite superstar friends will join him.

On July 6, 2018, Phillies beat Pirates 17-5 & tied NL record for longest 9th inning game – 4 hours, 30 minutes.   Red Sox & Astros topped that Wednesday night and there’s at least one more ALCS game this year.  Imagine had it gone extra innings?

Alaska’s lieutenant governor resigns 3 weeks before election over ‘inappropriate comments I made that placed a person whom I respect and revere in a position of vulnerability.”
You can tell he’s a Democrat, he actually ADMITTED behaving badly.


Apparently new White House counsel Pat Cipollone had no idea his appointment would be announced in an AP interview.
Has anyone warned Cipollone he’ll get about as much notice when Trump fires him?

Trump says he’s “too busy” to visit troops and it’s “not overly necessary.”. Maybe if we could only fight a war on a golf course?

Trump doctrine is simple: I believe everyone who flatters me or pays me. The rest of them are all lying SOBs or bitches.

Have to ask a question. Surely Saudis figured there would be some chance of negative publicity over Khashoggi killing.
So what story were they worried about emerging if he remained alive that was worse?


I miss the days when GOP tried to win elections by getting more people to agree with them rather than by making sure fewer people vote.

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  1. tc in bc Says:

    Steve Bartman and Troy Caldwell are now friends on Facebook.

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