Faster, higher, shorter….

Mary Bono lasted four days as temporary head of the USOC. Four days?! That’s less than half a Scaramucci.

Meanwhile, Dodgers vs Brewers NLCS game four goes almost four hours before extra innings.  Even Red Sox and  Yankees fans are thinking “Can you speed it up a little?

Ohio State star DE Nick Bosa says he is leaving school to focus on rehabbing a muscle injury before the NFL draft.
Because we all know it takes so much physical effort to read a book?

Okay  LA Dodgers and SF Giants fans, can we get some agreement on one of the names on Donald Trump’s list to replace Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador – Jamie McCourt? As in former Dodgers co-owner with her ex-husband Frank.   As in “Just say No (F*cking Way)”

While I like the Astros in general, have to think mean bitch karma is not unhappy about Osuna being hit hard in the postseason.



Marijuana is legal in Canada starting tomorrow. And for a lot of professional football players the CFL just got more appealing.

(as did the Raptors for an NBA free-agent destination.)

And now the President of the United States is calling his former lover “Horseface” on Twitter. Are we great yet?

Actually shouldn’t a horse’s ass be screwing a horse face?

Jacob Walter Anderson, 24, former Phi Delta Theta fraternity president at Baylor has pleaded no contest to “unlawful restraint” after being indicted on 4 counts He will be put on probation and not have to register as a sex offender.
So guess the alleged rape won’t stand in the way of his future political or judicial career.

Trump promised to hold rally for Ted Cruz at “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find.” Rally will be at NRG Arena, which holds 8,000.
NPG Arena is 4 minute WALK from NRG Stadium which holds over 72,000.
The best “finders” too?

Trump “I won’t accept the blame if Dems retake House.”
Uh, can anyone tell me a single time Donald Trump has accepted blame for ANYTHING?

So wonder how Susan Collins and Jeff Flake feel about Trump indicating the Saudis are as innocent as Brett Kavanaugh?

So why would anyone think the Saudis were complicit in a brutal murder that happened IN THEIR CONSULATE

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