Don’t call us, we’ll call you?

Red Sox manager Alex Cora team will have a conversation “later on” about IF they will accept a White House invitation. When you might have lost baseball players…?

What’s next?  NASCAR?


Browns have fired coach  have fired coach Hue Jackson. Since team has as many wins as Raiders and 49ers combined (plus a tie) did they fire him for overachieving?

But now Gregg Williams, fired by New Orleans Saints as a “rogue coach” & then suspended by NFL for bounty program, has been named as the interim Browns head-coach.   So Cleveland apparently isn’t done answering the question “How low can you go?

San Antonio Spurs, missing their two top point guards, and still getting used to life post Manu, Parker and Kawhi, are now per ESPN “4-0 this season in games that have gone into clutch time, which ranks as the most wins in the NBA in that scenario.”
Smoke, mirrors and Popovich.

Meanwhile at a North Carolina high school, one student has died after being shot by another student during an argument before class today. So if only BOTH students were armed?


So exactly how much is it costing US taxpayers to send 5,200 troops to border? Weeks if not months before these migrants actually show up. If they do at all. Waiting for tea party conservatives to decry the waste.

Kellyanne Conway says it’s “disrespecting the victims” to play “blame game” after Pittsburgh shooting. She forgot to add, but next time a white woman is killed by an immigrant, well, we’re going to play the hell out of that one….Again.

People who fell over 3,000 feet to their deaths from Yosemite National Park’s scenic Taft Point were apparently a young married couple who were travel bloggers. Sad, but since they left no children isn’t that the DEFINITION of a Darwin award?

Fox & Friends says migrant caravan may be bringing ‘Diseases’ to America. Actually REAL disease problems in America are unvaccinated children and people who can’t afford healthcare and go to work sick. Not to mention dirty air, water. etc..


All attention [Tuesday] should be on the victims,” Mayor of Pittsburgh told reporters. “We do not have enough public safety officials to provide enough protection at the funerals and to be able, at the same time, [to] draw attention away to a potential presidential visit.”

So of course Trump is coming, and bringing Melania, Jared AND Ivanka. Because it IS all about him.

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