Bad boys

Browns fired Hue Jackson and hired the Saints coach suspended for Bountygate. Now NY Giants back-up QB Kyle Lauletta was arrested this morning while driving to practice, He reportedly failed to obey a police officer’s directions and almost struck the cop with his car.
Your move, 49ers and Raiders. #Howlowcanyougo



Maryland has reinstated football coach DJ Durkin, who’s been on paid leave after the June death of a player from heatstroke from a workout.
The Terrapins are 3-2, 3rd in the Big Ten East. So they’re selling their souls, not for a National Championship, but the chance to compete in the Redbox Bowl?.

Rutgers dismissed Izaia Bullock from football program after the linebacker was charged with 2 counts of 1st degree attempted murder AND conspiracy to commit murder.
Suppose Bullock still has an NFL shot someday -, at least he didn’t kneel for the anthem.

Now 49ers QB C.J. Beathard has an injured right wrist and may not play Thursday.
So has anyone looked to see if on his way out Colin Kaepernick buried a voodoo doll in the locker room?

White House official said Trump’s going with Melania, Jared and Ivanka to Pittsburgh will be an “understated” visit to be respectful to the community’s wishes.
Uh, if he were respectful to the community’s wishes, Trump would have stayed home.

Sarah Sanders’s claim today “President extended a bipartisan invitation to Congressional Leadership to travel with him to Pennsylvania. Understandably, the members had prior commitments or wanted to show their respect in a private way.”

McConnell, Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi were all invited, but declined. Translation, even 4 deeply divided members of Congress  DID honor the city’s wishes

On day he’s flying to Pittsburgh in theory to help unify country after a terrorist hate crime, Trump tweets to attack Democratic Ohio Gov. candidate Richard Cordray as a “clone of Pocahontas….”

Can Jason Wohl share a cell with Martin Shkreli? Asking for a friend named Karma.


This “Surefire Intelligence” phone number ringing to Jacob Wohl’s mom’s voice mail is the craziest criminal twist involving a mother since “Psycho.”

That reputed toilet paper stuck to Donald Trump’s shoe earlier this month? Now we know it was DEFINITELY a piece of the constitution. #14thAmendment

Amazing how many Trump supporters who dismiss the 14th Amendment would fight to the death to defend the 2nd.

It will likely be at least mid-December at the earliest before migrant caravan reaches the US. If we do have another hurricane or natural disaster this year & troop response is delayed because they’re waiting at the border – will Donald Trump take the “credit?

Donald Trump wants Stormy Daniels to pay him $341,559.50 over her failed defamation claim.
Gosh, the only way I can imagine her getting that kind of money in a hurry is to sell some pictures….

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