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Not close, and not closer.

October 21, 2018

So NFL took 49ers vs. Rams off Sunday Night football because it would be too much of a blowout.   Replaced game with Bengals vs. Chiefs.
SF lost by 29 today. Cincinnati to lost KC by 35.
Mean bitch karma popping an autumnal mead?

For three quarters today, Philadelphia Eagles looked like 2018 Super Bowl team. In 4th quarter, they looked like 2017 Super Bowl Falcons team.

Since I was born in Boston feel no shame now in saying “Go Red Sox!”

Red Sox World Series game 1 starter Chris Sale apparently ended up in the hospital due to an infection from… his belly-button ring?  Just guessing this is an illness that will never befall Madison Bumgarner.


Toronto Raptors rested Kawhi Leonard and didn’t even bring him to DC for the THIRD game of the year. Even Popovich is thinking that’s a bit much

As tough as it is to see Dodgers heading to World Series, it is at least deeply satisfying to see Urban Meyer team get their butts kicked. By my favorite QB’s alma mater!


From “CelticWombat” on Twitter after Ohio State-Purdue game – he gets a free ticket on the next departure of the bus to hell.
“I’m gonna wait until after the press conference, but I’m pretty certain even Urban Meyer will report this beating.

One Mega Millions ticket sold near San Jose matched five of the six numbers so will be worth nearly $3.5 million. Which means the winner may have play again if he/she wants to buy a house.

Trump is so desperate for attention he gave an interview Saturday night to … the Washington Post?
I miss having a President who went out with his wife on Saturday nights.


He left the building
We don’t know where he is.
He died in a fist fight during an interrogation.
He accidentally died in a chokehold.
Waiting for one of these Saudi excuses to get around to mentioning the bone saw.


Look, I get immigration is complicated. But if your life is so dangerous and hopeless that you are willing to walk with your children for weeks in search of a new start in a better place, thinking President of the United States could at least express some sympathy, instead of just referring to you as criminals and a “disgrace.”