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Playing the game

October 5, 2018

Since sports is supposed to be distracting,  and WAS the original purpose of this blog….


An overload of  baseball playoffs today. Eight teams. From upstart Braves, Rockies and Brewers, to last year’s WS contending Dodgers and Astros. Who gets prime-time? Yankees-Red Sox.
But MLB commissioner Manfred thinks players should do a better job of marketing themselves.


Dodgers pitchers are going through Atlanta faster than Sherman.


Wondering if Atlanta sports fans, notorious for preferring football to baseball,  will show up for game three between Dodgers and Braves.   At least the Falcons score when they lose.

An Astros fan promised to buy beer for people sitting around him if George Springer hit home run in 5th. He spent about $500 when it happened.
Good thing fan wasn’t at Yankee Stadium, he’d have had to take out a 2nd mortgage.

Falcons have been having a rough couple weeks. But they still may win a game in October before the Braves.

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham were still alive they would have voted no on Kavanaugh.

Does anyone REALLY think this Kavanaugh circus is over?

Got to love when you get nasty tweet responses on Kavanaugh confirmation from QAnon conspiracy theorists. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 GOP.

Can we STOP calling Susan Collins a “moderate” Senator from Maine?


So both Jeff Flake and Senator Collins have expressed serious recent unhappiness over Trump’s judgment on many issues.  But they trust his judgment on a lifetime SCOTUS nominee?

Kris Long, a news anchor in California’s Coachella Valley, resigned after a Facebook post defending Brett Kavanaugh against sexual assault allegations. So how long until Long gets offered a post with Fox News

Susan Collins cocktail – your basic cheap Tom Collins well-drink, but with enough twists added, it tries to convince people, especially women, that it is worth much more.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Judge Roberts has a 17 year old daughter. Wonder how she feels about the Kavanaugh confirmation.


Ok, let me explain Dr. Ford’s memories in ways my skeptical men friends might understand.
You watch hundreds of baseball games And they can blur. But if you don’t remember the exact day of that special clutch hit or alas, bullpen meltdown, you remember who was playing, and who won, or lost the game.
And if you were a teenager and it was one of your first games, some of the memories are even more clear. Crystal.