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Faster, higher, shorter….

October 16, 2018

Mary Bono lasted four days as temporary head of the USOC. Four days?! That’s less than half a Scaramucci.

Meanwhile, Dodgers vs Brewers NLCS game four goes almost four hours before extra innings.  Even Red Sox and  Yankees fans are thinking “Can you speed it up a little?

Ohio State star DE Nick Bosa says he is leaving school to focus on rehabbing a muscle injury before the NFL draft.
Because we all know it takes so much physical effort to read a book?

Okay  LA Dodgers and SF Giants fans, can we get some agreement on one of the names on Donald Trump’s list to replace Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador – Jamie McCourt? As in former Dodgers co-owner with her ex-husband Frank.   As in “Just say No (F*cking Way)”

While I like the Astros in general, have to think mean bitch karma is not unhappy about Osuna being hit hard in the postseason.



Marijuana is legal in Canada starting tomorrow. And for a lot of professional football players the CFL just got more appealing.

(as did the Raptors for an NBA free-agent destination.)

And now the President of the United States is calling his former lover “Horseface” on Twitter. Are we great yet?

Actually shouldn’t a horse’s ass be screwing a horse face?

Jacob Walter Anderson, 24, former Phi Delta Theta fraternity president at Baylor has pleaded no contest to “unlawful restraint” after being indicted on 4 counts He will be put on probation and not have to register as a sex offender.
So guess the alleged rape won’t stand in the way of his future political or judicial career.

Trump promised to hold rally for Ted Cruz at “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find.” Rally will be at NRG Arena, which holds 8,000.
NPG Arena is 4 minute WALK from NRG Stadium which holds over 72,000.
The best “finders” too?

Trump “I won’t accept the blame if Dems retake House.”
Uh, can anyone tell me a single time Donald Trump has accepted blame for ANYTHING?

So wonder how Susan Collins and Jeff Flake feel about Trump indicating the Saudis are as innocent as Brett Kavanaugh?

So why would anyone think the Saudis were complicit in a brutal murder that happened IN THEIR CONSULATE



October 16, 2018

Haven’t seen much of Brewer’s closer Jeffress until this postseason but so far he seems to be perfect for SF Giants fans going through “torture” withdrawal.

After game 3, Kiki Hernandez chided the crowd at Dodgers stadium for dead air starting in the first inning and boos especially in the later innings.  To be fair,  without regular season experience being there how do  LA fans KNOW how to act in the early and late innings.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired their defensive coordinator. Shocking many fans who didn’t realize they HAD a defensive coordinator.

Buccaneers fired their defensive coordinator Mike Smith after Tampa Bay has been averaging about 40 points allowed per game.
49ers allowed 17 in first quarter to Packers.  And then 10 points in the last two minutes.  Maybe SF might want to hire Smith.


Maybe taking it a BIT too seriously? John Elway says the Broncos are “fighting for their lives” on Thursday night football.
Good thing Denver isn’t playing a team in Florida.

Kellyanne Conway said DNA is “junk science.” I don’t ever want to hear a white Trump supporter complain about the OJ Simpson jury again.

 nice to see a story about a chronological baby for a change.

Now Trump is saying about missing journalist Khashoggi “Maybe these could have been rogue killers? Rogue killers who are 400 pounds and normally live in a basement hacking emails?

If it weren’t so pathetically sad, and evil, Rogue Killers would be a great band name.

Saudis now saying Khashoggi’s death was just “an interrogation gone wrong.” Well, we all know dismembering someone isn’t supposed actually to hurt them. At least if we’ve seen a lot of magic shows.

Really??!!! Now Arizona Senate candidate Krysten Sinema is being attacked for in 2003 inviting a group of feminist witches called “Pagan Cluster” to celebrate International Women’s Day and to protest the war in Iraq. Where is the GOP standing up for freedom of religion.

If we aren’t asking Melania over and over about Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and the 19 women who claimed Trump assaulted them, why do we care so much about what Hillary thinks of Monica?

Trump – “When you talk about environmental, I am truly an environmentalist. A lot of people smile when they hear that. But I have the cleanest air, and I’m going to have the cleanest air.”

Time for a new game, is it Donald Trump or Alec Baldwin on SNL?

ll you need to know about how Trump & FEMA’s response to Hurricane Michael REALLY is going is to know that Fox News isn’t bragging about it.


I am perfectly willing to discuss, debate and argue about  Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates. On November 7, 2018. Period.