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Close but no game five

October 9, 2018

Unhappiest people not in New York when the Yankees comeback fell just short…  TBS executives planning to show game 5 on Thursday night.


Craig Kimbrel picked a heck of a time almost to do a David Price postseason impersonation.

Must say watching a closer potentially implode in the 9th is a lot easier when it’s not YOUR team’s closer.

Fox has hired Hope Hicks as chief communications director. Wouldn’t a more accurate title be Secretary of State TV?

Meanwhile, Monday turned out to be almost as bad a day for Indians, Braves and Redskins as when Columbus showed up. #Bustohell

Apparently limousine in which 20 people died Sunday in NY had failed inspection & driver didn’t have the appropriate license to drive it. But hey, let’s get rid of pesky job-killing regulations.

For all those who saying what a moderating force Nikki Haley has been – what exactly has she DONE?

Nikki Haley says Jared Kushner is a “hidden genius,” and there is SERIOUS speculation Trump may appoint Ivanka to take her place as UN Ambassador.
Once again, The Onion is going “we give up.”

So Trump just told us today the only reason he isn’t appointing his daughter Ivanka as UN ambassador is that he’d be accused of nepotism. Well that and it would interfere with her current duties as his real VP and First Lady.

Amazing how many men who think Taylor Swift should stick to music are quite fine with Kanye West going to the White House.

To put this in terms that GOP respects – ie $$$$$ – Taylor Swift’s net worth is currently an estimated $320 million. She may be blond but she is NOT dumb. And she’s a successful businesswoman with fans who pay attention to what she says.

Maybe Taylor Swift can write her greatest break-up song ever about American people breaking up with Republicans.

Is there a way for those who are able to evacuate Hurricane Michael but choose not to because they don’t believe in government or science, can proudly post their names and addresses somewhere?
So first responders can know to ignore their house


Brees-ing to the record

October 9, 2018

afterwards,jpgMore jokes tomorrow.