Winning by losing?

Jon Lester said Cubs will learn from losing, Alex Bregman says ALCS loss will give Astros ‘an edge’ next season.
But what about the teams who made an art of losing all season?

What was more surprising about NLCS game six.  That the Brewers won so convincingly? Or that Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell only used four pitchers?


Joe Girardi pulled his name from the Reds’  managerial search. Because he is holding out for a major league managing job?

Even better for MLB brand. FS1 is not shown on most hotel TV channels. So most Americans traveling can’t watch #NLCS game 6.
But baseball players need to market themselves….

If Jim Acosta instead of dropping an F-bomb had bodyslammed a Fox News reporter would Trump start saying nice things about him too?

Megamillions jackpot reached $1 billion. Maybe Heidi and Ted Cruz should have played so they might be able to afford that 2nd house?

Trump bragging tonight about his “massively full” rally tonight in Arizona airport hangar. Well, heck, if they played in a hangar even Chargers could claim good attendance.

In Arkansas a GOP radio ad claims Democrats will be ‘lynching black folk again’ if people don’t vote Republican. Seriously.
But liberals are the mob?

Hillary got slammed for calling some Trump supporters “deplorables.” Then last night many at Donald Trump rally cheered when Trump praised a Congressman for bodyslamming a reporter. Hillary clearly needed a stronger word.

Nikki Haley at a fundraiser this week “‘In the last two years, I’ve seen true evil. We have some serious political differences here at home. But our opponents are not evil. They’re just our opponents.'”
Gosh, if only she had been in a position to communicate that to the White House.

So yeah isn’t it reasonable to kill someone who starts a fight just because you cut off his fingers?

What Trump is saying at rallies is coming increasingly close to “Will no one rid me of these meddlesome journalists?”

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One Comment on “Winning by losing?”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    What Hillary needs to do is use small words. If you listen, Trump never uses large words like deplorables. In fact, when he tries to use large words, generally mispronounce them. He could not pronounce Pennsylvania at a rally. Or when he was talking about a hurricane, he could not say the precipitation. He said that there was a large of wet.

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