Anger time?

Must admit after the past couple days I really look forward to screaming at the television set this weekend over baseball and football games for a change.

This week’s lesson in patience: Clemson QB Kelly Bryant angrily says he’ll transfer when he gets demoted in favor of freshman Trevor Lawrence. And now Lawrence is injured.


#7 Stanford played #8 Notre Dame tonight.  Meanwhile #1 Alabama played…. #120 Louisiana-Lafayette.

SF Giants have scored 598 runs this year, 2nd lowest in MLB. Shocking to Giants fans… there’s a team that has scored fewer?

(actually it’s the Marlins.)

The American League playoff spots are all set.  And there’s major National League playoff drama.  So of course Fox’s MLB Game of the Week was…. Yankees Red Sox?

But yeah, players should market themselves.

Wonder if GOP members of Senate Judiciary Committee would have taken Dr. Ford more seriously if she said she saw Kavanaugh kneel for the anthem.

Got to wonder, how many of the rich white privileged GOP men of the Senate have nights they can’t remember in high school and college. Or worse, nights they hope others forget.


I miss the innocent days when parents just had to explain “blow jobs” to their children rather than “Devil’s Triangle.”

Remember those old “Catholics vs. Convicts” Notre Dame vs. Miami games?
Well, Fighting Irish RB Dexter Williams just returned from undisclosed 4 game “university suspension.” This after his arrest in 2016 for marijuana and possessing a handgun without a license….


Wisconsin GOP senator Ron Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have “false memories” of the alleged assault.

Johnson isn’t up for re-election until 2022, but guessing Wisconsin women will have true, and long memories.

It’s probably too late for the FBI to vet and hire Ronan Farrow for Kavanaugh investigation.

Give Jeff Flake credit. He still may almost never vote the way we Democrats want. But he basically today said the hardest words in the English language.  “I admit I may have made a mistake.”

Remember Jeff Flake in one day has admitted he might have been wrong more than Brett Kavanaugh has in a lifetime.

Another thought about Jeff Flake yesterday. Just because someone chooses “country over party” once doesn’t mean you’d suddenly vote for him or her. But whatever happened to simply acknowledging, and applauding, a human moment?


I miss Saturday nights when you could watch a football game and not miss POTUS saying that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love.”

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