Not sticking to sports

Okay, Friday the SF Giants get to start a weekend of trying to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs.  And Stanford plays Notre Dame, and Drew Brees takes his aerial show to NY. But for tonight…



John McCain was no saint. But have to think that, as a principled man who loved his (2nd) wife and adored his daughter, he’d be voting NO on Kavanaugh.



But for Thursday…..

Here’s what it comes down to for many women watching Dr Christine Blasey Ford: We have those same teenage memories. If it didn’t happen to us, it could have, or it’s happened to our friends. And we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

All this talk now of “process.” Does anyone believe these GOP senators would have behaved any differently if Dr. Ford called a press conference on first day of original Kavanaugh hearings?


After Kavanaugh testimony can’t imagine how anyone might think he’s an aggressive angry drunk.

But hey, Brett Kavanaugh was angry. So maybe they should have given  him six beers during the hearing recess so we could see what he’s like when he’s drunk too.

Kavanaugh says he went to parties with girls from certain “nearby” schools. “Dr. Ford did not attend one of those schools…She and I did not travel in the same social circles.”
EXACTLY. Rich privileged white boys don’t “sh*t where they eat.”

Kamala Harris asked if Kavanaugh watched Ford’s testimony this morning.
“I did not. I planned to, but I did not. I was preparing mine.”
Why do you need to prepare to tell the truth?

Beginning to think a lot of GOP male senators are worrying about what they might have done while drunk in high school and college. Or worse yet, actually remembering.


Some people, especially men, seem to have a problem with Dr. Ford’s memory. But seriously, isn’t that how high school memories work, a lot of blur and some vivid details? And a lot of parties that only a few people would remember as significant. Here’s a non-sexual example, very short version of a longer story
When I was 17,  I was at an after-work party, where we were all drinking. A friend got as drunk as I had ever seen someone. It scared me. Enlisted a somewhat random slightly older male friend from work, together we stole her keys from her, and I drove her home – with a two hour stop to worship the porcelain god in a restaurant bathroom.  No joke. But no real harm done in retrospect.  Do I remember the exact date , know the party location (beyond it being an older friend’s house), and who else of my friends/coworkers were there that night?   No. It was generally an unremarkable party.

But do I remember exactly why she was in a bad mood before the party, what the room looked like where I found her sitting on the couch with, at the end, a glass of straight booze because they had “run out of 7-up”… ”   Do I remember the smell of the Southern Comfort (ugh, yes, can’t touch the stuff now), do I remember the name of the guy who helped me,  absolutely and vividly.
I find it hard to believe anyone who has ever been a teenager doesn’t believe Dr. Christine Blasley Ford.


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