Over and out

You know it wasn’t your day as an SF Giants fan when the opposing pitching, Rich Hill, was 0-4. In the 6th inning.

But hey, maybe it was all part of the Giants master plan to wear the Dodgers out for the post season by having their players spending so much time running the bases.


Brewers vs Cubs at Wrigley Field October 1 at 12n for who gets to win the Central Division and who is the Wild Card.   Good thing it’s not a weekday which would really mess with productivity in the Midwest.  Oops, never mind.

Meanwhile the Rockies play the Dodgers at 1p PST to see how wins the Western Division and who is the Wild Card. Which means THEIR game will get over about 4p-430p in Los Angeles.  Could be a rush hour postgame nightmare – if Dodgers fans stayed to the end of games.


Penn State ” “Let’s see if we can lose a football game with the stupidest offensive last play call of the year.” Colts,  “hold our beer.”


With all the craziness in the world these days, somehow comforting to know the Browns are still the Browns.

Sorry if you say “I believe Dr. Ford but I don’t think it was Kavanaugh” then you don’t believe Dr. Ford.

Trump said last night he would campaign seven days a week for Republicans in the midnight. “Oh please oh please” responded Democrats.


About an hour after Jerry Brown signed a net neutrality law, Trump administration sued California. Yeah, that’ll go about as well as Trump taking on Dianne Feinstein.

Anyone who questioned how Dr. Ford could still go out and have fun in college after she says she was sexually assaulted at a party… uh, Kellyanne Conway says she was sexually assaulted but still works for a predator.

(and for the record, I believe them both.)


If you go to parties regularly as a teenager, most of them will blur into being individually unmemorable. Unless something happens involving  YOU at one of them. Why is that so hard for men to understand?

September 30 in an election year.  A  few hours away from finally being done with the “Urgent, help us make our 3rd-quarter deadline” fundraising emails. And one minute after that away from “Help us start the 4th quarter off with a bang” fundraising emails

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One Comment on “Over and out”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Watching the Met’s game Sunday. 7th inning, about 4 pm EST. An ad promoting for the game on Friday on the 28th. A little later an ad promoting the game for that days. Love those week-end interns.

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