It doesn’t get more Browns?

New Orleans Saints tried to gift wrap a win for the Browns. The Browns returned the gift.

Today gives new meaning to the phrase “That’s so Browns.”

Vikings rookie placekicker Daniel Carlson went 0-3 on FG’s today, including a 35-yd effort in OT that would have won the game for Minnesota.
Well, the Browns might be hiring.

When you go 28-35 for 243 yards  and 2 TDs with no interceptions on a bad day, you just might be a HOF QB –  #DrewBrees

And didn’t we all have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the only undefeated team left in the NFC South?

Buffalo CB Vontae Davis retired at halftime during today’s loss to the Chargers, saying “I shouldn’t be out there anymore.”
Uh, with all due respect, that could be said about the Bills.


On brighter note for SF Giants they have one more win in September than the 49ers and Raiders combined.

Raiders are doing their best to help Oakland fans get over their imminent departure.

Leaving aside Mueller investigation what has to have Trump REALLY upset is that someone’s told him the optics would be really really bad to play golf this past weekend.

Trump also claimed only five deaths from Hurricane Florence. So assume he will claim all deaths in excess of that number will be Fake News?

Interesting how same Republicans saying Brett Kavanaugh rape allegation doesn’t matter because it was back in high school, attack Senator Elizabeth Warren because of the possibility that  she MAY have fudged her ancestry when she applied to college.

If Christine Blasey Ford had made same accusations against Bill Clinton, Trump would have invited her to one of his 2016 debates against Hillary.

So how do GOP Senators who still plan to vote for Kavanaugh look their wives and daughters in the eye?


After NY Times Op-Ed came out, Rand Paul said that all White House staffers should take a polygraph test. Professor Christine Blasey Ford already took AND passed one.

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