Feeling deflated?

Tom Brady on Patriots loss to Jaguars “You play to another team’s strengths, it becomes incredibly hard to win.”
How about, Jacksonville was the better team yesterday.

Josh Gordon has now been traded to New England.  If the Patriots and Brady weren’t loved enough already.

Celia Barquin Arozmena,  the 2018 Big 12  women’s golf champion and Iowa State Female Athlete of the Year was found murdered today on an Ames golf course.   Crickets from Donald Trump on her death.  Although Celia, while blond, young and beautiful was from Spain. Her alleged killer is a young American white man.    

But if she were American and her killer from a Spanish speaking country…


Whew… see Henry Winkler trending and was relieved to remember it’s the Emmy’s. So he’s not dead and hasn’t been arrested for sexual assault.

Whatever food and drink comprise Betty White’s diet, can someone please forward the details to Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

FEMA delaying Nationwide Presidential alert test from this Thursday until Oct 3, 2:18pm. Because they’re still dealing with Florence and are afraid Donald Trump will tweet something really really stupid?

Trump is hosted a “Hispanic Heritage Month” celebration at the White House.
How long until someone tells him some Hispanics come from Mexico and Central America?

Orrin Hatch asked how he would feel about Kavanaugh’s nomination if it turned out that allegations were true -his reply “if that were true, I think it would be hard for senators not to consider who he is today.”
Says the man who voted to impeach Bill Clinton over a consensual affair

Can we just STOP with the Kavanaugh character references? Heck, even Ted Bundy had girlfriends who said he was a nice guy.

Here’s another thing on Kavanaugh and those who insist it was just a dumb drunk moment. He’s not saying “Hey, I was an idiot in high school and there are a couple nights I honestly don’t remember. And if I did this I am SO SO sorry…” or some variation.
He is saying he DOES remember, and is denying it absolutely. Which to my mind makes him a liar as well as an attempted rapist.

Apparently Chris Watts, the Colorado man charged with the first-degree murder of his pregnant wife and their two young daughters, is now on suicide watch.
And a large part of me thinks, just give him a rope.

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