Out of their league?

Nebraska paid Troy over $1 million to play them in Lincoln, and then lost 24-19. How long until teams start offering big pay-for-play money to the Cornhuskers?

He’s a shadow of what he was…but SF Giants fans, myself included, are really going to miss Hunter Pence.

Not impressed with St Louis Rams defense against Dodgers today.

USC is currently 0-2 in conference and last in Pac 12 South. No particular punchlines, I just like writing that.

Although not that I ever want to root for USC.  They DID make Pac 12 look bad today.


Justin Bieber is applying for American citizenship. Now this might even get Democrats behind the idea of a wall?

Tough times, but you still have to admire Fayetteville, NC Mayor Mitch Colvin’s style. “If you are refusing to leave during this mandatory evacuation, you need to do things like notify your legal next of kin.”

Apparently people have been arrested for looting homes and businesses that have been evacuated for  Hurricane Florence.  A possible solution for police,  Perhaps the looters can just be left in those areas and not evacuated themselves?


Why stop at Susan Collins?  Can USA vote EVERY Senator who is up for re-election out of office who votes to confirm Kavanaugh?

Even for Hurricane Florence in real time, Trump has to claim a fake, and lower. death toll…


And now FEMA wants to give (I am SURE they weren’t coerced)  the President of the United States to text everyone with a major cellphone carrier in the event of an “emergency.”

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Does anyone REALLY believe that given the ability to text all Americans, Trump can stop at one?


For those of us of a certain age….easier to eat one Lays potato chip.


So if you add orange to a White Russian does it make the drink a Trump?

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