Apologizes to Russ Hodges

The Giants win a game, the Giants win a game!

Meanwhile, over in the American League, since the five playoff teams have basically already clinched, the final two weeks of the season will come down to an exciting battle over whether the A’s or the Yankees have home field advantage for a one-game playoff.

Now it’s WNBA champs Seattle Storm say they have no interest in visiting the White House.  How long until the only champions who want to meet Trump are Bass Pro Fishermen?  And even they might thinking about it.

Am very sympathetic to those who have been unable to evacuate for Hurricane Florence. But for those who CHOSE not to leave, instead of having responders risk their lives, can we just mail Darwin awards to their next-of-kin?

There are more than 65 people Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t eat.  #Bustohell

Michael Bloomberg reportedly going to run for President in 2020 as a Democrat. Because what this country really needs is another old white rich man.


Because nothing says being Presidential during a natural disaster like a hurricane like doubling down on denying deaths in the last big hurricane…


Just guessing when Manafort gets out of prison, one place he can cross off his bucket list for future vacation travel is Russia.


What will be the title of Stormy Daniels book about her affair with Trump? The two-minute warning?

Leaving aside the cloud that hangs over him personally, if CEO of major corporation had half as many high-level former employees and confidants in criminal trouble as Donald Trump the board would never rubber-stamp his executive hiring.
So why does Trump get a Supreme Court pick?

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