Turning over?

Sports Illustrated claims Seahawks have had internal issues over Pete Carroll’s perceived favoritism toward quarterback Russell Wilson.   Maybe it’s as simple as Carroll still trying to apologize for that Super Bowl pass call?

Several National League teams are still playing for playoff berths.  SF Giants appear to be playing for a higher draft pick.

On the other hand,  even with two wild card berths, American League teams can almost take all of September off.   #NoDrama

The Detroit Tigers TV announcers have been suspended for the remainder of the season after a physical altercation in the booth.  Suspended?  Maybe Tigers should have invited both of them into the locker room for inspiration  – they showed more fight than team has all season.

A trained Dallas Police Officer fatally shoots a man because she says she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was an intruder.   But yeah, let’s arm teachers.

We are all #plaidshirtguy

So Rand Paul wants White House staffers to take a lie detector test.  Can he start by answering what happened with his neighbor?

Nike sales are up, Amazon has record profits. Wonder how many other companies will try to get attacked by Trump?

Trump “I may even move to California just to get free healthcare!” No need, all prisons provide it.


Fox News complaining about Obama’s criticizing Trump in his speech yesterday, saying he was “breaking norms.” Irony, your table is ready.

John Cornyn saying Cory Booker’s release of “committee confidential” docs is “likely a matter for the Senate Ethics Committee.” When they get done reviewing what happened with Merrick Garland?

If Trump only hires “best people” and the NY Times Op Ed isn’t real, why does Trumpcare so much about finding the mythical writer?


For years I’ve been saying “If you don’t vote forfeit all bitching rights.” Now thinking, if you don’t vote, forfeit all democracy rights.

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