Fit to be tied

Breaking long losing streak with a tie is one of the most Browns things ever.

Meanwhile Saints fans thinking “Could opening weekend have been any worse?”
Packers fans thinking “Uh…”

So according to Trump, Americans really don’t care about sports, we just want to watch men in uniform stand while patriotic music is played?

Just wondering, as Donald Trump starts another Sunday with rant against the NFL…. when POTUS plays a round of golf, does he stand for the anthem first?-

Trump already ranting that “NFL first game ratings are way down over an already really bad last year comparison.” Uh, he sent that tweet before all but two teams PLAYED their first game.

Andrew Luck now says he had an AC shoulder injury while snowboarding after the 2015 season, although it was the torn labrum that cost him last season.
Well, at least he didn’t say he was washing his truck.

Seeing all these headlines about Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and feeling no desire to read the story makes me realize what my friends who hate sports must feel when I get worked up over a game.

The last time Kentucky beat Florida in football, November 17, 1979, ESPN was a two-month old network.

Might this be a good time to remind Americans that Cory Booker played football for Stanford?  #NerdNation

Only good thing for Michigan State fans.  If they rebound their loss to ASU was so late at night playoff committee had to be asleep.

Having John McEnroe present Novak Djokovic the US trophy shows clearly that tennis will not tolerate emotional outbursts on the court.

Mike Pence says he spends about “four hours a day” with Donald Trump and “what I see is a tough leader, a demanding leader…”
How sad, I don’t like Mike Pence but it sucks to have macular degeneration.



If Ted Cruz is really against tofu, silicon and hair dye, not only will he lose votes from Texas soybean farmers but a whole lot of Texas women.

Three days since Cincinnati mass shooting and crickets from Trump.   If killer had been from another country instead of Puerto Rico Trump would be talking about the victims constantly.


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