Well, to be fair to the SF Giants, neither the Raiders nor the 49ers have won a game in September either.

So who has a better chance of winning a game in September – the Cleveland Browns or the SF Giants?

Except for a Sunday night game that most people figured was over when Aaron Rodgers was carted off, weekend NFL ratings were up from last season.
I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

So will Aaron Rodgers be first NFL player to win Comeback Player of the Game?


Just wondering, Kenner, Louisiana, where that mayor banned Nike gear, is a suburb of New Orleans. What if Drew Brees showed up wearing his official Saints Nike uniform?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says it’s “sad” that NY Times Op-Ed is getting so much attention.
Uh, maybe because her boss is obsessed with it?

Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis has resigned to spend more time campaigning for Governor.
Hmm. can Gov. Rick Scott do the same with his Senate campaign?

So who had the International Criminal Court in Trump attack bingo?

Now Trump tweeting “my people just informed me that this could be worst storm to hit the East Coast in years.” “My people?”. Did someone turn White House TV from Fox News to the Weather Channel?

FIVE angry tweets Monday morning from Trump on the Woodward book.
Where is Queen Gertrude from Hamlet when we need her? “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

New report says iPhone price would rise 20% if Apple started making them in US.
Well, maybe Americans will still be able to buy phones with the money they’ll have from NOT being able to buy health insurance.

John Kelly already banned personal cell phones in the West Wing, now he has tightened the rules on government-issued phones. Meanwhile,  Donald Trump keeps tweeting on an unsecured phone. What could go wrong?


We’ve never had a military coup in this country. But Bob Woodward took down one President and might help take down another. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

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