Burning bright.


Tiger Woods has won a tournament. So that means as far as ESPN is concerned ‘What NFL Week 3?”

Meanwhile, the Lions upset the Patriots 26 to 10.  So guessing New England fans and Brady feel a bit deflated?

Anyone saying they had that Stanford comeback all the way.. I want you on my team in liars’ dice.

So how many Stanford, and Oregon, fans woke up this morning saying “Did that really happen?”

Oregon fans threw bottles at Stanford players after tonight’s overtime loss. Fortunately for Cardinal players their bottle control was as good as Ducks’ ball control in 2nd half.

Old Dominion Saturday beat Virginia Tech 49-35. Biggest shocker for many college football fans – Old Dominion had a football team?

Scott Frost apparently told Nebraska players after 56-10 loss to Michigan that things can’t get any worse. Fans of Northwestern from 1979-82 might disagree. (34 losses in a row.)

Nikki Haley says the US doesn’t want to do “regime change” anywhere. Well, some Americans would like to do regime change at the ballot box this November.

Though, must confess I love forward to November 7, when 90 percent of my Sunday inbox won’t be fundraising emails. 

Six siblings of AZ GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona made a campaign ad endorsing his Dem. opponent, David Brill. And you think YOUR Thanksgiving family dinner this year might be awkward?

Walmart has warned that pne of the items facing price hikes with Trump tariffs will be toilet paper. Well, that’s sh*tty news.


Let’s be clear. This is not talking about putting a man in prison for life for bad behavior as a teenager. But we ARE talking about putting him on SCOTUS for life


.”Whoever she is, she’s lying.” Yeah, exactly the kind of man Americans want deciding legal issues for every woman in the USA.

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