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Playing the game.

April 30, 2019

One way not to make referees the story of Buck Celtics series – have no game closer than 20 points.

And who knew the more civil Rockets-Warriors game of the two so far would be the game where Curry dislocated his finger, and Harden got his eye lacerated by Draymond Green?

And no ejections tonight,  but  NBA “officials have ejected 12 players from games this postseason, equaling a record set in 1994 and 2003.” And it’s only the 2nd round. When is the league going to start selling referee jerseys?

Donald Trump hosted NASCAR champion Joey Logano at the White House today. Just guessing he didn’t serve Joey cold hamburgers.

Meanwhile, the women’s basketball National Champions Baylor Lady Bears also visited the White House, and DID get served cold fast food, burgers and fries and pizza..  Apparently she laughingly responded “Okay, Donnie. Coooool.”

The Lady Bears were the first women’s team to visit the White House. Guessing they may also be the last.

Not sure about my bucket list, but Caracas, Venezuela, which was a great cruise shore excursion over a decade ago, probably tops my list of “Places I Have Been Where I Have No Interest Now in Going Back.”

On June 3, SFO just announced they will relocate ALL domestic terminal pickups for Uber, Lyft, and Wingz to top level of the domestic hourly parking garage.
And no doubt this change will go as smoothly as everything does these days in terms of flying.

So as first guilty pleas come in for College Admissions Scandal have to wonder, how much did their parents pay to get Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric into college?

Another horrible thing about latest campus shooting at UNCC, we all know it will be crickets from Donald Trump unless it turns out killer is an immigrant.

Your reminder that on top of everything else,  Senator Susan Collins voted to confirm Attorney General Barr.

Look, I’ll . But there’s still something a little sad that with 20 interesting and diverse Democratic candidates running in 2020, poll leaders are white men who are almost 80.

Also, anyone who doesn’t already think Trump should rot in hell for his “executing babies” lie, should take a few minutes to read this.  Seriously.

Silent whistles?

April 30, 2019

Two NBA playoff games tonight and in neither was officiating the headline.  No worries though for those who tune in to watch ref – the Warriors Rockets tip off again tomorrow.


NBA fined Chris Paul $35,000 for “aggressively confronting and recklessly making contact with a game official” in Rockets Warriors game 1, but did not suspend him. Well, di$cipline i$ one thing, rating$ are another.


The Raptors got FIVE points from non-starters tonight in a 94-89 loss to the 76ers.    Maybe it would have helped more to have should have sold spaces on their bench to noisy fans.

As everyone “grades” the 2019 NFL draft, your reminder that only was Tom Brady famously a 6th round pick, but also Joe Montana drafted in 3rd round and Drew Brees  in the 2nd.

On Monday Chase sent out (and deleted) a tweet with “hypothetical conversation between a bank customer and the bank. The customer asks, “Why is my balance so low?” and the bank account replies: “Make coffee at home … eat the food that’s already in the fridge … you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.”
What’s Tuesday, the banking company will suggest how customers eat cake?

Donald Trump, along with Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka  filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against Deutsche Bank and Capital One in hopes to keep the banks from responding to congressional subpoenas.

Right, the most “transparent” President and Presidential family ever.

Former US-North Korea envoy said he signed agreement to pay $2 million for Otto Warmbier and believed Trump had approved the deal. Will Donald’s defense be that everyone knows he doesn’t pay his bills?

Rod Rosenstein in his resignation letter thanked Trump “for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations.”   So for his next gig is Rosenstein  auditioning his deadpan style  for Saturday Night Live?

The wannabe domestic terrorist apprehended in Los Angeles is an American Army veteran who appears to have hated a whole lot of people. But seriously, isn’t Americans hating a whole lot of other people Trump’s main goal?


Putting them on the line?

April 28, 2019

Only one game into  Warriors-Rockets series, and already major controversy over foul calls and non-calls.

The NFL is going “hey, our refs were only the main story in ONE game.”

But so really,  Klay Thompson appears to have done the unthinkable with many NBA fans – made James Harden a somewhat sympathetic figure?

Sebastian Janikowski says he’s retiring from the NFL at the age of 41. “So young?” responded Adam Vinatieri.

Five minutes to go in third period and San Jose was down 3 to 1 to Colorado Avalanche.  The Sharks did end up losing – 4-3.    Moral of story, never turn Sharks games off early in the NHL Playoffs.

Yesterday White Sox Tigers game was snowed out. Today four Chicago pitchers combined to strike out 20 Detroit hitters. Maybe yesterday’s weather froze Tigers’ bats?

San Antonio Spurs had a great run this year though fans wished team had a mature and consistent leader. Which is sadly what millions of people also now wish about the USA.


Donald Trump congratulated Nick Bosa, who was drafted #2 in NFL draft by SF 49ers.   I  missed his #1 pick Kyler Murray.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s said country must not become a “gay tourism paradise” & that tourists were more than welcome to “come here and have sex with a woman.” Going to be really interesting if Pete Buttigieg ends up on Dem ticket.

At least several people murdered by gunfire today in Tennessee and in Baltimore. But to Donald Trump the only deaths that count are those he can blame on undocumented immigrants.

And was that 19-yr-old killer in Poway one of Trump’s “many fine people on both sides” until he wasn’t?

So a real question, does Donald Trump make up most of his public lies on the fly? Or does he plan them in advance holed up watching Fox News.

And why does any network still believe there’s a chance in hell of getting a truthful statement out of Kellyanne Conway?

Trump attacking Democrats while rambling on immigration “it’s just a system that Congress can fix.” Gosh, if only the GOP had a chance to be in charge of both the House and Senate for a couple years…

Your reminder that Trump had time this weekend for a tweet barrage including touting his own fake poll numbers & today congratulated a football player he’s probably never watched, but still didn’t wish his own wife “Happy Birthday.”

I have not watched and have no plans to watch Game of Thrones. But  gather a lot of people now would vote this  Arya gal for President.

The Giants score a run

April 26, 2019

The Giants score a run. In the first inning. After 25 games.

But they did it after 2 first inning runs by the Yankees. So the streak of never having a first inning LEAD continues.


So which are more likely to be completely wrong?
Opinions in April 2019 on who will be will be Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020?
Or opinions in April 2019 on which teams in 2019 “won” the NFL draft?

Well, maybe it’s not as head-scratching as electing Trump – but the team with the most NBA merchandise sold this year was… the Lakers?!

Meanwhile, Warriors finally prevailed over Clippers in six.    This year’s fans  are happy. Have to wonder, would next year’s season ticket holders at Chase be upset that they didn’t get a chance to see, or re-sell, game seven?


So NBA playoff first round game 6 between Warriors and Clippers, and Saturday’s game  game 7 between Spurs and Nuggets both scheduled to  tip off at 10pm EASTERN time. Even MLB is going “Wow, way to think of the young fans.”

Winter storm “Xyler?” Uh, it’s almost May. And winter storms aren’t supposed to get so close to running out of alphabet names.

Trump today praised Robert E. Lee as a great general. How long until he praises one of George Washington’s once favorite generals, Benedict Arnold?

So which of Trump’s generals would like to come forward and say yes, he DID tell Donald that Robert E. Lee was his favorite general?

Seriously does anyone think Trump ever read a single book on Civil War History?


If you didn’t already know Fox News was pure evil this headline – “Driver who injured 8 in California crash targeted victims based on race, religion, cops say.”
The bearded dark-haired suspect pictured in the story is a Christian American reportedly on his way to Bible Study who told police who went after people he thought were Muslim.

The tiniest violins?

April 25, 2019

Warriors fans feeling embarrassed that their team has been forced by Clippers into a playoff game 6. Fans of Calgary Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals are saying “Hold our tear-filled beer.”


Let’s be real, as much hype as there is on NFL Draft, while sometimes early picks turn out to be a really big deal, other times there’s as much correlation between promise & delivery as there is with Presidential debates.

RIP John Havlicek, 79. Not that I grew up a Celtics fan, preferred Wilt Chamberlain as a kid, but I never thought of John Havlicek as old.


NFL admits an incorrect call against Saints, NHL now  apparently apologized an saidr penalty call against Golden Knights was wrong. Can’t wait to see how refs are going to change the NBA playoffs.

Reports now that Magic Johnson quit the Lakers after he was accidentally copied into an email chain where co-owner Jeannie Buss and GM Rob Pelinka were criticizing him.  Once again, two of the most dangerous words in the English language “reply all.


QB Dwayne Haskins, after he dropped to 15th in NFL Draft before Washington nabbed him -“the league done messed up.”
Well, if he wants to see really “messed up,” the Redskins should be a perfect fit.

Am I the only person with no interest in anything Avengers not involving Diana Rigg as Emma Peel?

Many Democrats don’t think Joe Biden can win because of his “handsy” history with women and his penchant for verbal gaffes. Right, how could a man like that ever be elected President?


WSJ reporting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says Trump’s proposal to vastly expand offshore oil and gas drilling has been sidelined indefinitely after a recent court decision that blocks Arctic drilling.
Can’t wait for Trump to attack judge as a crazy blue-state liberal. And even more can’t wait for a reaction from the judge’s Senator- Lisa Murkowski.  (Alaska)

Lara Trump on Fox said “Merkel’s decision to allow refugees into the country… was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany.” Gosh, and who could think of anything else that might be worse?

The picks are in?

April 24, 2019

Since we all know Donald Trump cannot STAND not to be center of attention even for a moment, scary to think what he might do tomorrow to steal headlines from NFL draft.

Oh Canada.  11 runs in 2 games, and 2 wins in a row in Toronto.   SF Giants fans are wondering if the team can start playing some home games in Vancouver…

How many NBA teams can be down 10 going to the 4th quarter and most viewers were still shocked that  they didn’t  win easily?  #Warriors #Clippers

But okay, who thought  Blazers would be done with the Jazz faster than than Golden State would be done with the Clippers?

Franklin Graham thinks Pete Buttigieg should repent for being gay.

There’s a good chance that God thinks Franklin Graham should repent for being Franklin Graham.

Trump this morning “If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court.” So who’s going to be the one to tell him that’s not how it works?


Post-ABC poll found 75 % of white evangelicals described “the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants” as a positive thing. And a Pew Research Center poll found nearly 7 in 10 white evangelicals saying the U.S. has no responsibility to house refugees.

Wonder how many of those same people make sure they never hire illegal housekeepers, gardeners, day laborers, babysitters… And make sure all their produce is picked and restaurant meals are prepared and served by American citizens?

Another great quote from Stephen Moore,  Trump’s remaining federal reserve board nominee.  “You don’t want to live in Cincinnati or Cleveland or these armpits of America.”

So maybe Donald can take Moore with him to his next rally in Ohio.


Donald Trump will reportedly not be allowed to stay at Buckingham Palace during his upcoming June state visit on London.   Oops, guess no one should tell him that during HIS visit, Barack Obama stayed in the Palace. (and the Queen hugged Michelle.)


April 24, 2019

Wonder how many fans will deny leaving SAP Center in San Jose in the third period before the Sharks’ miracle game seven comeback?    Of course, they will face no argument from the fans across the country  who turned off their TVs.

But really, 4 goals in less than 5 minutes!?!  Casual hockey fans are confused, did someone take puck last night out of the humidor or something?

Meanwhile, a small miracle has occurred. SF Giants put up 3 runs in one inning. The second inning though, not the first.  (And they hung on to win 7-6)  At this point first inning runs would require notifying the Pope.


Josh Gordon,  serving yet another suspension for substance-abuse issues, has signed for the 2019 season with the New England Patriots.  It’s all part of NFL’s “17 strikes and you’re out” policy.


The Wisconsin man who won the $768 million Powerball jackpot said today he ‘felt lucky’ buying ticket. Of course, statistically you’re luckier if you DON’T buy tickets..

Trump demanded this morning that the NY Times get on its knees to apologize.
It would be really tacky to make a joke about missing Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Not content with skipping the White House Correspondents’ dinner for the past two years, Trump has ordered administration officials to boycott the event. Wonder if Alec Baldwin can attend in President Snowflake’s place.


In years to come, as adult children struggle with decision on whether to force their parents into assisted living, one question doctors may ask “How is he or she on a scale of one to Trump?

Donald Trump has been invited by the Queen of England for a state visit. Maybe she wanted to show her people there are worse things than Brexit.

The President of the United States, in the midst of a what he declared a National Emergency, spent time today in Oval Office with founder of Twitter and complained about his number of followers.
Are we great yet?


The real reason Donald Trump was cranky today? He has 59 million followers. Someone just told him a guy named Barack Obama has 106 million.

While we’re at it, has anyone told Trump that Ellen DeGeneres also has about 10 million more followers than he does?

Win or go home.

April 22, 2019

Each to their own, but I’ll take a random game seven in a sport I don’t care that much about, between two teams I don’t care much about, over any episode of Game of Thrones.

Bryce Harper was ejected tonight – 12th time in his career. He now trails only Matt Kemp among active players, who has 14 , but 6 more years in MLB. Well, that’s one record Bryce should have no problem breaking. .

Russell Westbrook causing some NBA playoff controversy by refusing to answer post-game questions from one particular reporter, Berry Tramel.
Well, at least the way Thunder are playing this problem should be over soon.


We’ll learn a lot more in weeks and months ahead. But somehow it’s easier to take when celebrities accused of sexual assaults have public persona of a**holes. As opposed to Luke Walton.

Duke University has now landed Cassius Stanley, giving them 4 of top 30 men’s basketball prospects. Expect someday that these young men will look back at their time in Durham as some of the best months of their lives.

Trump claims “Nobody disobeys my orders.” So he’s saying many of his staff perjured themselves with Robert Mueller?

Herman Cain has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board. So what was the tipping point? His ex-mistress claiming to have a very accurate memory of “details?
Or that at least FOUR GOP Senators actually said they would oppose him?

How long until Trump nominates Ivanka for Federal Reserve Board?


Trump’s remaining Federal Reserve Board pick, Stephen Moore, wrote in 2002 “”Here’s the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything.” He seems nice.


As stories emerge of terrorism warnings being ignored in Sri Lanka because a dysfunctional government wasn’t communicating between departments, it’s sure comforting to know what a “well-oiled” machine Trump is running….

Happy Earth Day. Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

(Although to be fair, at least Trump did spend the day recycling lies.)

Bye bye Easter baby?

April 21, 2019


An at least temporary Easter miracle of resurrection has occurred – Buster Posey’s power stroke.

On other hand, at this point maybe opposing teams might just use a position player on the mound in 1st inning against SF. Save wear and tear on their pitching staff. With the streak at 23 games and counting,  not like Giants will score anyway.

Both Leafs and Bruins along with Sharks and Golden Knights are going to in their NHL first round matchups. Must admit, game 7s are a lot more fun to watch if you don’t care strongly who wins.


Francisco Liriano pitching for Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019 is like a cruel joke reminding SF Giants fans that the 2003 trade for AJ Pierzynski will NEVER die.


Not talking about any ONE play, but when an NBA referee, Scott Foster, is as well known to fans as many players, there just might be a problem.

Guess probably no one should have bet against a Colorado team on 4/20 #Spurs

Tight end Benjamin Watson, who said he would retire after 2018 with Saints, now is considering returning to NFL for 16th season. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre.


NBA today said Nets center Jarrett Allen was fouled in final seconds of Game 4 down 2 points against 76ers. After the missed call Allen turned the ball over and Brooklyn lost 112-108 to go down 3-1 in series.
Guessing this will console Nets fans as much as NFL’s admitted mistake will console Saints fans.

Seriously the bombings in Sri Lanka are awful and sad. But have to assume Trump would be more concerned if he could figure a way to tie the terrorist act to a need for his beloved wall. (And find the country on a map.)


Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won Ukraine’s Presidential election. His only political experience is playing country’s president on a TV show. Paging Martin Sheen!  (Or Julia-Louise Dreyfus.)

People got annoyed when Obama went to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard…. and he wasn’t even profiting off the trips, let alone calling the houses he rented the “Western” or “Eastern” White House.

So will Trump family tell their youngest children there will be no eggs or chocolate on Easter morning – because Eric and Don Jr. shot all the bunnies their dad didn’t sleep with?

This doesn’t sound like it goes with his earlier tweet. “Happy Easter! I have never been happier or more content..”

“Can you believe that I had to go through the worst and most corrupt political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States (No Collusion) when it was the “other side” that illegally created the diversionary & criminal event and even spied on my campaign? Disgraceful!”


April 19, 2019

ESPN headline “Justin Verlander wants to be the Tom Brady of Baseball.” Well, he already has the long Hall-of-Fame career and the super model wife. Would be unfortunate if Justin decides he wants to be known as a cheating jerk too.

Anyone know what the record is for the most consecutive games to open the season without scoring a single run in the first inning? Asking for a team in orange and black.

(21 and counting.)


Miami Dolphins QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick claims he gained weight in offseason due to 6 kids having birthdays in January and March ,  and thus too many friends and family birthday cakes.  Guess Fitzpatrick is NEVER signing with Saints and moving to New Orleans.   #KingCake

At least top NHL seed Calgary wasn’t quite as embarrassed as Tampa Bay Lightning and lasted 5 games before they Flamed out in the first round.

Remember when Obama used to get attacked for going to nice restaurants? Trump doesn’t do that… he wouldn’t dream of spending money on an expensive meal in a place he doesn’t own.

Assume William Barr would have stated there was actually no proof the iceberg really obstructed the Titanic.

So didn’t Christian Americans all want to celebrate Good Friday having thrice-married POTUS rant about bullshit and “circle jerks”  and play golf with four-times married, former illegal-opioid user Rush Limbaugh, , all paid for by our taxpayer dollars.

But yes, Donald Trump tweeted TWELVE times today, mostly rants and retweets and never mentioned Good Friday. Yeah, I can understand how the “Christian Right” loves him so much….

At this point at least I suppose we should be grateful that Donald Trump’s Good Friday tweet storm didn’t include accusations that his opponents are trying to crucify him.

Romney is “sickened and disgusted,” Collins says Mueller report is “an unflattering portrayal” of Trump.
Mitt and Susan together would be a great scientific study on how humans can learn to live without a spine.

Sarah Sanders said her blatant lie about FBI agents thanking Trump for firing Comey  was just a “slip of the tongue”  and because she’s not a “robot” like Democrats.

Wonder how that explanation would work with for average Americans with courts or even the IRS?

Turning pages.

April 18, 2019

Haven’t been so many people racing to read hundreds of pages in DC since the last Harry Potter book came out.

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that the Warriors probably were not going to blow two 30 point leads in two games.

Since SF Giants STILL can’t score in first inning, I have idea: When on road in NL park, “start” Madbum and hit him 3rd in first. Then remove him in bottom of inning for real starting pitcher. Giants need his bat.


When Trump fills out his golf scorecard at Mar-A-Lago is his rational that the numbers are not “founded on anything?

TC,  on Trump announcing he would award his buddy Tiger Woods with The Medal of Freedom for his comeback to win the Masters: “Tiger said he would reciprocate by giving Trump an autographed copy of the Nine Commandments.”

Who’d a thunk we’d miss Jeff Sessions?

Well, at the very least, millions of Americans now know what the word “redacted” means.

But seriously, and all this damning information comes from the REDACTED report?

AJC is reporting hours-long customs waits at Atlanta airport because some Customs and Border Patrol agents have been reassigned to “”temporary assignments to the southwest border.”
Maybe Trump doesn’t care because his biggest supporters fly private planes?

So how long until Trump pledges money to rebuild Notre Dame long as they put his name somewhere on the building?

Let’s be real,  Barr would describe Wizard of Oz story as “an immigrant woman who flew in illegally, fatally crushed a woman and then put together a gang to kill her sister too.”

Wow. From Rolling Stone – “An appendix reveals that there are still likely other shoes to drop: Mueller’s team has referred out 14 potential crimes for investigation; only two of them are public, while 12 appear in completely redacted form at the very end of the report.”

Counting those who have helped type & redact it, the number of people who have seen full Mueller report is definitely getting up there. It’s going to leak like a guy who’s had lousy prostrate surgery.

Finally, if you’re tired of politics and like sports, food, and or wine, this is worth a few minute read.

When they were good they were very very good….

April 17, 2019

Give the Warriors credit,  after blowing a 31 point lead to the Clippers last night, they may have one of the highest-rated NBA playoff first round games ever tomorrow, as NBA fans tune in to see which Golden State team shows up.


Prosecutors say they are obligated under Florida law to release video of  Robert Kraft at Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Mean bitch karma took her time, but how perfect that Patriots finally are on other side of being unknowingly videotaped.

The woman reportedly “obsessed with Columbine” who triggered a manhunt which closed schools in Colorado, has been found dead.  Finally someone who finally did a murder-suicide in the right order.


Trump said in an interview he’ll go to a Redskins game this year.  And adds this about owner Dan Snyder: “And actually the owner is – he’s really a good guy. He’s been a supporter and he’s done a very good job. You have a good team.”

“A very good job… a good team”  Anyone still not believe Donald Trump has dementia?


Since he praised Dan Snyder as a great owner of Washington Redskins now waiting for Donald Trump to praise the  Nationals bullpen.


Facebook said that it “unintentionally uploaded” email contacts of 1.5 million new Facebook users since May 2016. And they wonder why I keep refusing to add my “phone number to improve your security.”

Trump basically now plans to restrict on non-family travel to Cuba.” Okay folks, this  means no more weekend cruises to Havana, along with no more rum and cigars. Even MAGAers may turn on Donald for this one.

Adam Schiff wants to prosecute “Individual #1.” Let’s make it a family affair, can we prosecute Ivanka and Jared too?

Now it’s Donald ranting- “How many times do they need to release different versions of this report?”
Uh, once, just release the full report already.

Got an idea. Instead of covering the Barr cover up, why don’t networks try to interview Robert Mueller tomorrow morning?

By the number?

April 16, 2019

SF Giants hitters actually appeared to know what they were doing wearing #42. Are we sure they can’t honor Jackie Robinson for a whole month?

As embarrassed as San Jose Sharks may be if they exit in the first round against Vegas Golden Knights, at least they won’t be able to hold Tampa Bay Lightning’s beer.

Words no one would have expected a couple weeks ago  – after the Tampa Bay Lightning’s historic 62-16 season.  Well, at least sports fans in Tampa can console themselves with the Rays….


So are Red Sox trying to set a record this year for the worst World Series hangover of all time?

Roy Moore is now leading in polls for GOP Senate nomination in Alabama to run against Doug Jones.  What is state trying to do, make Florida look good?



So maybe solution to get Donald Trump to pay attention to Flint is to tell him an illegal immigrant attacked their water supply?

As people get apoplectic about Democratic Presidential front runners, may I respectfully point out it’s pretty hard to use past history in predicting what will happen after we elected a reality show host who didn’t even enter race until 2015.

Your reminder that if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump he’d have already tweeted it out 280 characters at a time.


Re Trump statement on Notre Dame fire that U.S. will offer “assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization.” Some assume that means $$$.. Thinking it means after his great firefighting advice Donald will also tell them how to rebuild the cathedral.

Understand that we haven’t all been to Paris. But for those who have, don’t we all have a Notre Dame story, or more than one? Here’s my first:
My husband and I, in our 20s, were in Paris, for the first time, using Pan Am points. It was June, our last dinner was at Left Bank bistro, Allard, recommended by a client. We ended up chatting with a single woman sitting next to us, and then, at her suggestion, having an “overpriced Kir” for a nightcap together by the Seine for her favorite view.
Do I remember what we talked about, no? Do I remember sitting outside for over an hour, and having a second kir, and that illuminated Notre Dame view being pure magic, yes. We all actually kept in touch for years by Christmas cards and letter.

Guessing Notre Dame figures in a lot of stories.

Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens

April 15, 2019


(Easter, 2015.)

That moment that France has to take time out of a horrible day to remind the rest of the world that the President of the United States is a malicious idiot – “As French officials have said, water bombing might have collapsed the entire structure and was simply not an option.”



So leaving aside the nuclear codes guess someone needs to make sure if a major historical building in US burns that Trump is not allowed to give executive orders to firefighters.

As if Notre Dame Fire wasn’t depressing enough, now we’ve got conservative conspiracy theorists assuming it HAD to be deliberate, and Fox News headline using quotation marks “Notre Dame blaze being investigated as ‘accident.'”

That moment you read a Trump tweet and think it HAS to be “The Onion” – “if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name.”
(What, like that very successful Trump Shuttle?”)

Look, Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes of our time.  And he’s been great for golf as a sport.  But a Presidential Medal of Freedom? Is Trump awarding it to him for his Masters’ win, or for being a fellow example of success and applause after repeatedly cheating on his wife?

Some Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn are suing New York City over being ordered to vaccinate their children for measles.
When their kids DO get sick, trust these families will also honor their religious beliefs by staying home and not going to doctors.


Wall Street Journal awarded Pulitzer for coverage of Michael Cohen’s hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, NYTimes won reporting award for investigation into Trump’s tax claims. Maybe that’s why Trump is so cranky today.


Well, not only did most of the country go to sleep in second half of Warriors-Clippers game, so apparently did the Warriors.

Any other day the news would be calling that game a Golden State dumpster fire.

Tyger, tyger

April 14, 2019

Apparently Tiger Woods’ win at the Masters was biggest loss for US sports book on a golfing event ever. On the other hand, they’ll probably make it back on all the people who’ll now bet Tiger at any odds for all tournaments until he retires.

Tiger Woods said he had to get up today at 4:00am due to the early Masters start time at 6:00am. But to be fair, isn’t wasn’t getting up at 4:00am the kind of thing 40 something men do anyway, to take care of “business?”

SF Giants lost today to Rockies, and only had one hit. But Giants had been no-today, at least Tiger Woods would have made sure it doesn’t even make the sports headlines.

How long until Donald Trump tweets that if he just had time to play golf he could have won The Masters?


Tonight the hoopla surrounding Game of Thrones is giving me some insight into my friends who have absolutely no interest in sports.

Nice commercial for the city of Denver tonight touting the city’s sunshine, views, food, cocktails, etc… They left out “and the excitement of wondering in April if your flight will be canceled due to a snowstorm.

Meanwhile, severe weather in Texas and other southern states has killed at least three people and destroyed many buildings this weekend. So how is Trump going to blame those states like he blamed California for fires.

Line of the night last night from SNL “You paid 500 grand for USC?

Meanwhile Marc Ragovin  opines “Charles Van Doren — the 1950’s quiz show genius who admitted to being given the answers in advance — has died. “Amateur,” said Lori Loughlin

Not sure Pete Buttigieg is ready to be President. But the man can speak. “They cared about whether my M-4 was locked and loaded, not whether I was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend.”


Maybe it’s just me but do wonder if food police have gone too far when you see “Gluten-free” on a plain chocolate bar.

April madness.

April 13, 2019

1413 wins combined NBA regular season and playoffs.  Most ever.  Gregg Popovich is a helluva coach. That is all.

Four opening NBA playoff games today.  #1 seed Warriors won.   But #3 seeds 76ers and #2 seeds Raptors and Nuggets both lost.

And the NCAA seeding committee wasn’t even involved.


Philadelphia 76ers got their postseason off to an embarrassing start by being solidly beaten at home by Brooklyn Nets.
Toronto Raptors at home against Orlando Magic ‘Hold our Molson beer.”

After being with SF Giants for about a week, Kevin Pillar has only 1 fewer home run than Buster Posey did in 2018.

From Giants writer Alex Pavlovic on Kevin Pillar two days ago “The Giants do not have another player who has cleared 108 mph in exit velocity this season. Yep, the new guy has the three hardest-hit balls of the season. ”
Today Madbum hit one over 110 mph…. #WeDontNeedNoStinkinDH

If you think your job is tiring, remember Eric Kratz caught 265 pitches in last night’s 18 inning SF Giants win.

Luke Walton has agreed to become head coach in Sacramento next year. Who’d a thunk the Kings would be an upgrade over the Lakers?

Kevin Durant says he “sacrificed a lot of s—” when he joined Warriors in 2016. Right, two championships, only $54 million for two years plus endorsements. Tragic, really.

FDA recalling pre-cut melon products produced by Caito Foods due to potential salmonella, after CDC reported 93 reported illnesses & 23 hospitalizations in 9 states.
But hey, it’s just science. So own the libs, eat more of that pre-cut melon!

Wow, it really is a cult. On Twitter I complained that “Cadet Bone Spurs,” who dodged the draft, has no business making decisions for the military on things like transgender soldiers.

The response from a MAGAer – “Jesus Christ, it was 40 years ago. Move on.” Wonder if that’s true to them for everything else he did before becoming president.

Think it’s wrong to compare Trump on Twitter to a child recklessly playing with matches.
He’s an arsonist, gleefully throwing lit matches as fast as he can, hoping that some of them will cause infernos and explosions.

Tonight’s tweet storm was wild even by Trump standards. Did someone have a really bad day on the golf course? Sad.

Your lying eyes?

April 12, 2019

Robert Kraft’s attorneys say videos of him paying for sex acts were shot illegally and an invasion of privacy. And 29 teams in NFL not named the Patriots are thinking “pass the popcorn.”

Apparently former Cavs coach Tyronn Lue is a “strong frontrunner” for the Lakers coaching job. Because Lebron getting him fired from one team wasn’t enough?

And look, I want this assistant coach to take over from Popovich. But Lakers could do worse for a new head coach than Becky Hammon.

(heck, hasn’t been a man who could coach Lebron, why not a woman?)


Wonder as at time of  write we head to 13th inning, how many parents decided they didn’t care if SF Giants won or lost, they just wanted to take their kids to fireworks night.

Delta Airlines says they are going to limit seat recline for all seats on many shorter flights. They say this is not a precursor to putting more rows of seats on those planes. Two words. Yeah. Right.

A Florida man is pleading guilty in college admissions bribery scandal after he was “paid $10,000 to secretly take entrance exams.” Jeez, if he’s that smart shouldn’t he be able to find a better paying real job?

A British comedian died on stage during his stand-up show. Talk about a joke that killed.

Sometimes people wonder how we as a country possibly could have elected Trump.
There was one team in Las Vegas that had more money bet on them this year to win the NBA finals than the Warriors.
That team was the Lakers.
Does this even need a punchline?

Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

Got a proposed trade offer for Donald Trump – Sanctuary cities will take asylum-seeking immigants – So where can we dump Trump supporters?


She might not win. But this is what a President sounds like. I MISS having a President.
Amy Klobluchar on Twitter “Someone has already been charged with a serious threat on Congresswoman Omar’s life. The video the President chose to send out today will only incite more hate. You can disagree with her words—as I have done before—but this video is wrong. Enough.”

Early extremes.

April 11, 2019

LA Dodgers scored 7 runs today and still lost 11-7. Their team ERA is nearly 5.
At this point Dodgers pitching vs. Giants hitting would be the “something’s got to give series.”

And as he hit a home run that turned out to be the game winner in a 1-0 game, who had this sentence on April 11, 2019  “Where would the SF Giants be without Kevin Pillar.”

Angel Hernandez suing MLB alleging he’s been blocked from promotions and officiating World Series due to Cuban heritage. Uh, not saying there’s no racism in baseball, but IMHO Hernandez is simply a really bad empire.


Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette was arrested today in Jacksonville and charged with “knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license.”
Gosh, if only NFL paid players enough for Lyft or Uber.

As we approach the postseason, realize there are people old enough to drink in US who have never lived through the NBA playoffs without the Spurs in them.

I do trust that all these anti-vaxxers who are triggering measles outbreaks across US aren’t wasting doctor and hospital time when their kids do get sick.


Is this the most white privilege story of the year? Lori Loughlin, now facing prison for paying $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into USC, ‘thinks any mom would have done the same.”

So if Trump  has very “clean” finances, why doesn’t he just issue an executive order for IRS to hurry up and finish his audit so he can release his taxes?

Does anyone think if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump that he would have any scruples about releasing it completely; embarrassment to those cited be damned?


US trying to extradite Julian Assange. Does Donald Trump want to charge him or thank him?

Trump saying today “I know nothing about Wikileaks,” after saying repeatedly in October 2016 things like “I LOVE Wikileaks.”

To be fair, that’s that same pattern he’s used over the years with his wives.”

Gentlemen, start your postseason.

April 10, 2019

So with NBA regular season finally over, we are now only 2 1/2 MONTHS away from the end of the NBA playoffs. And some say the baseball season is long.

Always been fond of Tony Parker. But as Charlotte was eliminated tonight wonder how he feels now about bailing on San Antonio.

Bryce Harper 8 RBIs

Kevin Pillar 9 RBIs 

Just saying.

(and SF Giants at 4-9 still have one more win than the World Champion Red Sox.)

I’m so old I remember when Clippers were Los Angeles’s dysfunctional NBA franchise.


An American Airlines flight returned safely to JFK after during takeoff it hit a sign that “directs pilots as they’re going down the runway.” Well, I guess the sign wasn’t doing its job anyway.

One dead, and six critically injured in a Durham, NC coffee shop today when a contractor drilling on sidewalk hit a two-inch gas line. But hey, who needs job-killing regulations?

Fox News attacking Elizabeth Warren for tax returns “showing eye-popping income.”  Warren and her husband, also a Harvard law professor, made a combined $900,000 last  year.

Can’t wait to see what Fox says about former NCAA football coach & GOP Alabama senate candidate Tommy Tuberville, who made over $2 million a year regularly.

The National Enquirer is for sale. Gosh, if only there were a REALLY rich man in America who they’ve attacked  who could buy the paper and unleash their reporters in a different direction.


Trump today in Texas, marveling at the state’s size –  “I come from New York, you have Fifth Avenue and that connects to Park Avenue and its not too far away, but this is, you know, hundreds of miles between places.

Forget everything else he’s done, this is the Trump line that could really make New Yorkers know it’s time for the 25th Amendment.

(open note to anyone who hasn’t been to NYC – Fifth and Park are parallel.)

Trump on Steven Miller He’s “an excellent guy. He’s a wonderful person.”
Okay, now we KNOW Donald Trump has dementia. Not even Miller’s family thinks he’s a “wonderful person.”

Wait, the Clippers are the stable ones?

April 9, 2019

Remember those days when Lakers fans thought the Shaq-Kobe feud was the height of dysfunction?

So this time did Lebron James get rid of a team’s Coach AND President?

(As a Spurs fan I think I take back the wish that King James had decided to try being coached by Pop.)

Hey Blue Jays, SF Giants say “Thank you, eh” for Kevin Pillar.

Pillar has 8 RBI’s since he arrived last week. Do the rest of the SF Giants together have that many?

The Orioles’ Chris Davis is now on a 0-49 hitless streak. Which means he now broke former SF Giant Eugenio Velez’s record for the longest major league hitless streak by a position player.
Let’s hope no current Giant manages to challenge him in 2019.

I guess this isn’t funny if you live in Colorado, but from United Airlines TODAY. – “United Travel Waiver for Colorado Winter Weather”
Uh, winter? It’s April 9.


Who knew admitting to being a millionaire could be so complicated?

For 2019 W-4s alone, Americans now must list “non-wage income, such as interest & dividends
Itemized & other deductions
Income tax credits expected.
For employees w/ multiple jobs, total annual taxable wages for all lower paying jobs”
What happened to Trump promising you could file taxes on a postcard?

Mother Pence is not happy about Pete Buttigieg’s comments about her husband, saying people “shouldn’t be attacked for what your religious beliefs are.”
Right, as long as your religious beliefs are “Christian?” #WTF?

Trump today tweeted “On National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, we honor the Americans captured and imprisoned by foreign powers while carrying out their duties to defend this great Nation…”
(so where’s the asterisk? “except John McCain.”)

Thinking if Secret Service hadn’t embarrassed Trump by admitting that Mar-A-Lago employees have real power in deciding who to let on the premises, Alles would still have a job.


Trump posted two-minute campaign video today set to score of “The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Bros trying to get it taken down for copyright infringement. Waiting for Donald to say copyrights don’t apply to Presidents.

You know, I really really like Pete Buttigieg. . But sometimes media coverage about him feels like those situations where some great women who have worked in an office for a while suddenly ALL take a back seat to the cool new young guy.