Win or go home.

Each to their own, but I’ll take a random game seven in a sport I don’t care that much about, between two teams I don’t care much about, over any episode of Game of Thrones.

Bryce Harper was ejected tonight – 12th time in his career. He now trails only Matt Kemp among active players, who has 14 , but 6 more years in MLB. Well, that’s one record Bryce should have no problem breaking. .

Russell Westbrook causing some NBA playoff controversy by refusing to answer post-game questions from one particular reporter, Berry Tramel.
Well, at least the way Thunder are playing this problem should be over soon.


We’ll learn a lot more in weeks and months ahead. But somehow it’s easier to take when celebrities accused of sexual assaults have public persona of a**holes. As opposed to Luke Walton.

Duke University has now landed Cassius Stanley, giving them 4 of top 30 men’s basketball prospects. Expect someday that these young men will look back at their time in Durham as some of the best months of their lives.

Trump claims “Nobody disobeys my orders.” So he’s saying many of his staff perjured themselves with Robert Mueller?

Herman Cain has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board. So what was the tipping point? His ex-mistress claiming to have a very accurate memory of “details?
Or that at least FOUR GOP Senators actually said they would oppose him?

How long until Trump nominates Ivanka for Federal Reserve Board?


Trump’s remaining Federal Reserve Board pick, Stephen Moore, wrote in 2002 “”Here’s the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything.” He seems nice.


As stories emerge of terrorism warnings being ignored in Sri Lanka because a dysfunctional government wasn’t communicating between departments, it’s sure comforting to know what a “well-oiled” machine Trump is running….

Happy Earth Day. Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

(Although to be fair, at least Trump did spend the day recycling lies.)

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