Bye bye Easter baby?


An at least temporary Easter miracle of resurrection has occurred – Buster Posey’s power stroke.

On other hand, at this point maybe opposing teams might just use a position player on the mound in 1st inning against SF. Save wear and tear on their pitching staff. With the streak at 23 games and counting,  not like Giants will score anyway.

Both Leafs and Bruins along with Sharks and Golden Knights are going to in their NHL first round matchups. Must admit, game 7s are a lot more fun to watch if you don’t care strongly who wins.


Francisco Liriano pitching for Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019 is like a cruel joke reminding SF Giants fans that the 2003 trade for AJ Pierzynski will NEVER die.


Not talking about any ONE play, but when an NBA referee, Scott Foster, is as well known to fans as many players, there just might be a problem.

Guess probably no one should have bet against a Colorado team on 4/20 #Spurs

Tight end Benjamin Watson, who said he would retire after 2018 with Saints, now is considering returning to NFL for 16th season. “The first time is the hardest” said Brett Favre.


NBA today said Nets center Jarrett Allen was fouled in final seconds of Game 4 down 2 points against 76ers. After the missed call Allen turned the ball over and Brooklyn lost 112-108 to go down 3-1 in series.
Guessing this will console Nets fans as much as NFL’s admitted mistake will console Saints fans.

Seriously the bombings in Sri Lanka are awful and sad. But have to assume Trump would be more concerned if he could figure a way to tie the terrorist act to a need for his beloved wall. (And find the country on a map.)


Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won Ukraine’s Presidential election. His only political experience is playing country’s president on a TV show. Paging Martin Sheen!  (Or Julia-Louise Dreyfus.)

People got annoyed when Obama went to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard…. and he wasn’t even profiting off the trips, let alone calling the houses he rented the “Western” or “Eastern” White House.

So will Trump family tell their youngest children there will be no eggs or chocolate on Easter morning – because Eric and Don Jr. shot all the bunnies their dad didn’t sleep with?

This doesn’t sound like it goes with his earlier tweet. “Happy Easter! I have never been happier or more content..”

“Can you believe that I had to go through the worst and most corrupt political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States (No Collusion) when it was the “other side” that illegally created the diversionary & criminal event and even spied on my campaign? Disgraceful!”

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