ESPN headline “Justin Verlander wants to be the Tom Brady of Baseball.” Well, he already has the long Hall-of-Fame career and the super model wife. Would be unfortunate if Justin decides he wants to be known as a cheating jerk too.

Anyone know what the record is for the most consecutive games to open the season without scoring a single run in the first inning? Asking for a team in orange and black.

(21 and counting.)


Miami Dolphins QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick claims he gained weight in offseason due to 6 kids having birthdays in January and March ,  and thus too many friends and family birthday cakes.  Guess Fitzpatrick is NEVER signing with Saints and moving to New Orleans.   #KingCake

At least top NHL seed Calgary wasn’t quite as embarrassed as Tampa Bay Lightning and lasted 5 games before they Flamed out in the first round.

Remember when Obama used to get attacked for going to nice restaurants? Trump doesn’t do that… he wouldn’t dream of spending money on an expensive meal in a place he doesn’t own.

Assume William Barr would have stated there was actually no proof the iceberg really obstructed the Titanic.

So didn’t Christian Americans all want to celebrate Good Friday having thrice-married POTUS rant about bullshit and “circle jerks”  and play golf with four-times married, former illegal-opioid user Rush Limbaugh, , all paid for by our taxpayer dollars.

But yes, Donald Trump tweeted TWELVE times today, mostly rants and retweets and never mentioned Good Friday. Yeah, I can understand how the “Christian Right” loves him so much….

At this point at least I suppose we should be grateful that Donald Trump’s Good Friday tweet storm didn’t include accusations that his opponents are trying to crucify him.

Romney is “sickened and disgusted,” Collins says Mueller report is “an unflattering portrayal” of Trump.
Mitt and Susan together would be a great scientific study on how humans can learn to live without a spine.

Sarah Sanders said her blatant lie about FBI agents thanking Trump for firing Comey  was just a “slip of the tongue”  and because she’s not a “robot” like Democrats.

Wonder how that explanation would work with for average Americans with courts or even the IRS?

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