Gentlemen, start your postseason.

So with NBA regular season finally over, we are now only 2 1/2 MONTHS away from the end of the NBA playoffs. And some say the baseball season is long.

Always been fond of Tony Parker. But as Charlotte was eliminated tonight wonder how he feels now about bailing on San Antonio.

Bryce Harper 8 RBIs

Kevin Pillar 9 RBIs 

Just saying.

(and SF Giants at 4-9 still have one more win than the World Champion Red Sox.)

I’m so old I remember when Clippers were Los Angeles’s dysfunctional NBA franchise.


An American Airlines flight returned safely to JFK after during takeoff it hit a sign that “directs pilots as they’re going down the runway.” Well, I guess the sign wasn’t doing its job anyway.

One dead, and six critically injured in a Durham, NC coffee shop today when a contractor drilling on sidewalk hit a two-inch gas line. But hey, who needs job-killing regulations?

Fox News attacking Elizabeth Warren for tax returns “showing eye-popping income.”  Warren and her husband, also a Harvard law professor, made a combined $900,000 last  year.

Can’t wait to see what Fox says about former NCAA football coach & GOP Alabama senate candidate Tommy Tuberville, who made over $2 million a year regularly.

The National Enquirer is for sale. Gosh, if only there were a REALLY rich man in America who they’ve attacked  who could buy the paper and unleash their reporters in a different direction.


Trump today in Texas, marveling at the state’s size –  “I come from New York, you have Fifth Avenue and that connects to Park Avenue and its not too far away, but this is, you know, hundreds of miles between places.

Forget everything else he’s done, this is the Trump line that could really make New Yorkers know it’s time for the 25th Amendment.

(open note to anyone who hasn’t been to NYC – Fifth and Park are parallel.)

Trump on Steven Miller He’s “an excellent guy. He’s a wonderful person.”
Okay, now we KNOW Donald Trump has dementia. Not even Miller’s family thinks he’s a “wonderful person.”

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