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The picks are in?

April 24, 2019

Since we all know Donald Trump cannot STAND not to be center of attention even for a moment, scary to think what he might do tomorrow to steal headlines from NFL draft.

Oh Canada.  11 runs in 2 games, and 2 wins in a row in Toronto.   SF Giants fans are wondering if the team can start playing some home games in Vancouver…

How many NBA teams can be down 10 going to the 4th quarter and most viewers were still shocked that  they didn’t  win easily?  #Warriors #Clippers

But okay, who thought  Blazers would be done with the Jazz faster than than Golden State would be done with the Clippers?

Franklin Graham thinks Pete Buttigieg should repent for being gay.

There’s a good chance that God thinks Franklin Graham should repent for being Franklin Graham.

Trump this morning “If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court.” So who’s going to be the one to tell him that’s not how it works?


Post-ABC poll found 75 % of white evangelicals described “the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants” as a positive thing. And a Pew Research Center poll found nearly 7 in 10 white evangelicals saying the U.S. has no responsibility to house refugees.

Wonder how many of those same people make sure they never hire illegal housekeepers, gardeners, day laborers, babysitters… And make sure all their produce is picked and restaurant meals are prepared and served by American citizens?

Another great quote from Stephen Moore,  Trump’s remaining federal reserve board nominee.  “You don’t want to live in Cincinnati or Cleveland or these armpits of America.”

So maybe Donald can take Moore with him to his next rally in Ohio.


Donald Trump will reportedly not be allowed to stay at Buckingham Palace during his upcoming June state visit on London.   Oops, guess no one should tell him that during HIS visit, Barack Obama stayed in the Palace. (and the Queen hugged Michelle.)



April 24, 2019

Wonder how many fans will deny leaving SAP Center in San Jose in the third period before the Sharks’ miracle game seven comeback?    Of course, they will face no argument from the fans across the country  who turned off their TVs.

But really, 4 goals in less than 5 minutes!?!  Casual hockey fans are confused, did someone take puck last night out of the humidor or something?

Meanwhile, a small miracle has occurred. SF Giants put up 3 runs in one inning. The second inning though, not the first.  (And they hung on to win 7-6)  At this point first inning runs would require notifying the Pope.


Josh Gordon,  serving yet another suspension for substance-abuse issues, has signed for the 2019 season with the New England Patriots.  It’s all part of NFL’s “17 strikes and you’re out” policy.


The Wisconsin man who won the $768 million Powerball jackpot said today he ‘felt lucky’ buying ticket. Of course, statistically you’re luckier if you DON’T buy tickets..

Trump demanded this morning that the NY Times get on its knees to apologize.
It would be really tacky to make a joke about missing Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Not content with skipping the White House Correspondents’ dinner for the past two years, Trump has ordered administration officials to boycott the event. Wonder if Alec Baldwin can attend in President Snowflake’s place.


In years to come, as adult children struggle with decision on whether to force their parents into assisted living, one question doctors may ask “How is he or she on a scale of one to Trump?

Donald Trump has been invited by the Queen of England for a state visit. Maybe she wanted to show her people there are worse things than Brexit.

The President of the United States, in the midst of a what he declared a National Emergency, spent time today in Oval Office with founder of Twitter and complained about his number of followers.
Are we great yet?


The real reason Donald Trump was cranky today? He has 59 million followers. Someone just told him a guy named Barack Obama has 106 million.

While we’re at it, has anyone told Trump that Ellen DeGeneres also has about 10 million more followers than he does?