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By the number?

April 16, 2019

SF Giants hitters actually appeared to know what they were doing wearing #42. Are we sure they can’t honor Jackie Robinson for a whole month?

As embarrassed as San Jose Sharks may be if they exit in the first round against Vegas Golden Knights, at least they won’t be able to hold Tampa Bay Lightning’s beer.

Words no one would have expected a couple weeks ago  – after the Tampa Bay Lightning’s historic 62-16 season.  Well, at least sports fans in Tampa can console themselves with the Rays….


So are Red Sox trying to set a record this year for the worst World Series hangover of all time?

Roy Moore is now leading in polls for GOP Senate nomination in Alabama to run against Doug Jones.  What is state trying to do, make Florida look good?



So maybe solution to get Donald Trump to pay attention to Flint is to tell him an illegal immigrant attacked their water supply?

As people get apoplectic about Democratic Presidential front runners, may I respectfully point out it’s pretty hard to use past history in predicting what will happen after we elected a reality show host who didn’t even enter race until 2015.

Your reminder that if Mueller Report really exonerated Donald Trump he’d have already tweeted it out 280 characters at a time.


Re Trump statement on Notre Dame fire that U.S. will offer “assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization.” Some assume that means $$$.. Thinking it means after his great firefighting advice Donald will also tell them how to rebuild the cathedral.

Understand that we haven’t all been to Paris. But for those who have, don’t we all have a Notre Dame story, or more than one? Here’s my first:
My husband and I, in our 20s, were in Paris, for the first time, using Pan Am points. It was June, our last dinner was at Left Bank bistro, Allard, recommended by a client. We ended up chatting with a single woman sitting next to us, and then, at her suggestion, having an “overpriced Kir” for a nightcap together by the Seine for her favorite view.
Do I remember what we talked about, no? Do I remember sitting outside for over an hour, and having a second kir, and that illuminated Notre Dame view being pure magic, yes. We all actually kept in touch for years by Christmas cards and letter.

Guessing Notre Dame figures in a lot of stories.